25 cc Vs. 28 cc Husqvarna Trimmer

Husqvarna manufactures a wide selection of gas-powered string trimmers with motors ranging from a small 21.7-cc power plant to the low end to a comparatively massive 34.6-cc engine in the top end of the scope. Right in the center of the product line sit two motors, a 25-cc and a edition, that over a half dozen versions are used in by the provider. Despite their similar size, completely different layouts are used by the engines, and the trimmer versions built around them reflect the distinction.

28-cc Engine

The 28-cc engine used in the 2014 Husqvarna trimmer line is a two-cycle engine which generates either 1.1 or 1.07 horsepower, depending upon the trimmer model, and the engine turns at a maximum rate of 8,000 rpm. Two-cycle motors run on a combination of oil and gas, not petrol alone, and although they are usually powerful for their size, they tend to create more damaging pollutants.

25-cc Engine

The 25-cc engine in 2014 Husqvarna trimmers is a four-cycle engine which spins at a maximum rate of 7,000 rpm and, such as the 28-cc engine, generates between 1.07 and 1.1 horsepower. The 25-cc engine operates on gas that is unmixed As it’s a four-cycle layout. In theory, cleaner needs to run than the engine, but the Husqvarna engine generates more carbon monoxide than the 28-cc engine does.


As of 2014, Husqvarna employs the two-cycle 28-cc engine in six versions, ranging from the non invasive 128C to the high-end 128DJx; major differences between the versions include their shaft — either curved or straight — and whether they feature Husqvarna’s multipurpose system, which allows the attachment of optional alternative tool heads. The four-cycle 25-cc engine is used in the 224L, only two versions and the 324LDx; the 324LDx is equipped with the multipurpose system, although equally are trimmers.

Weight Differences

One of the key disadvantages of a four-cycle engine in the context of power garden tools is that a four-cycle engine tends to be thicker than a two-cycle engine of a size that is similar, and the weight difference in the motors shows up in the Husqvarna trimmers. The two-cycle trimmers vary in weight from 9.7 pounds to its 128C to 11.1 lbs for 128LD and 128CD. Both of the four-cycle trimmers are thicker than even the majority of these two-cycle versions; the 224L weighs 11.24 lbs, and the 324LDx weighs 11.9 lbs. In a trimmer which you will be carrying around for extended periods of time, even just a 1-pound difference could be important.

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