8 Ways to Enjoy Cotton at Home's Purity

Cotton is the best selling. Why is cotton desirable? This renewable source comes in many ecofriendly versions, and its own natural attributes also allow it to be used for a range of goods, including towels, cloths, coffee filters and even book bindings. Here are a few of the greatest ways to use cotton fabric.

Upholstery. Cotton’s strong and durable nature makes it a natural fit for upholstery. It’s simple to print on, allowing for a wide array of fabric patterns and colours. Unfortunately, a number of these designs and prints will eventually wear with heavy use. But, cotton upholstery is easy to clean — simply spot clean it with warm water and a nonbleach detergent, then rinse with vinegar water to remove any soap residue.

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Sheets. Cotton sheets are used for centuries. Though they’re breathable and cool to the touch, they also insulate in sunlight. Soft and comfy, cotton sheets age and wash. I recommend a thread count of 600 to 1,000 for a fine-quality sheet. The thread count increases the material’s weight, softness and functionality — as well as the price!

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Towels. Cotton absorbs moisture and is easy to watch over and wash, making it the perfect fiber for bath towels. Wash them using a minimal amount of detergent to avoid soap buildup, since this makes the fabric rough.


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Quilts. Cotton has long been a favourite selection for quilts. A thin layer of cotton fabric is lightweight, durable, comfortable, and easy to wash and dry.

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Headboards. Cotton adds a last layer of comfort to upholstered headboards. I suggest spraying on the headboard using a fabric protector to avoid stains, since hair goods and natural hair oils can create a smudge where the head rests.

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Slipcovers. Cotton is an established option for slipcovers, since it washes nicely and has a casual and comfy feel. Use a nonbleach detergent and cold water if the fabric has a pattern or color to prevent fading. Cotton will shrink in the dryer, and pristine cotton wrinkles easily, thus air drying is most often the best choice.

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Mosquito curtains. Cotton has been used to create lightweight cloth in areas with tropical climates for centuries; in fact, it’s thought that the early Egyptians cultivated cotton and used it for this function.

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Window remedies. Cotton mixes readily with different fibers, making it a fantastic selection for window treatments. A mix of polyester and cotton makes for a solid, durable fabric that resists wrinkles and has great colour retention.

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