Conquer That Blank Wall Using a Versatile Picture Ledge

Picture ledges are one of the simplest ways to bring a personal touch to your home’s decor — and with greatest effect. That is because despite their title, they can also be utilized as small shelves to maintain decorative objects, art, books or even a assortment of plates. And the best part: A photo ledge lets you swap out decor and photographs on a whim, or with the seasons. Goodbye, neutral walls; hello, curated art set.


A narrow hallway is the perfect place for a stunning assortment of black and white photography and other art. The vintage portrait ties in with the midcentury modern cabinetry, the yellow door along with also the George Nelson pendant light.

Hint: To give two shelves the sensation of a single unit, mount them 12 to 14 inches apart. Put pieces that are bigger on the top plate.


These deep, custom-built picture ledges made from MDF can also double as bookshelves.

Hint: Paint the shelves and wall a single colour to generate the artwork pop up.

Roger Hirsch Architect

Following is a no-fail picture ledge appearance: Blend a collection of framed black and white photographs in a collage format. Add a few things and you’re done.

Hint: Include a couple extra-small frames at the foreground for thickness.


Nordic design loves white and black, and often contains creative vignettes of photography and posters. Picture ledges would be the ideal starting point for a gallery-style wall.

Hint: Install your picture ledges to a single side of a wall when you’d love to visually divide the distance.

Lynn Kloythanomsup

A photo ledge in blond wood that matches a nearby table creates a warm, friendly feeling in a kid-friendly café.

Hint: you are able to use graphic ledges to help divert attention in a room. The furniture is the decoration, and the tables would be the emphasis. The picture rail with small works of art brings the eye down to focus on what is important.

John Lum Architecture, Inc.. AIA

A photo ledge mounted comparatively low can ground a room and help tie together simple furnishings.

Corner picture ledges accentuate a room’s proportions when utilizing the wall in a creative way.

Hint: The picture railroad’s colour makes a difference. Within this room abundant wood is the correct option, because it balances the leather seat’s colour as well as the other dark elements in the room.

Sullivan, Goulette & Wilson Ltd.. Architects

Utilize a wall of picture ledges to exhibit books and art for a fascinating and lively collage.

Ledges: West Elm

Bates Masi Architects LLC

A delicate picture rail provides a stunning hallway with epic architecture down to a personal level.

Hint: Occasionally placing a few small objects on your picture ledge can create big results.

Caroline Harrison Designs Inc

Picture ledges don’t need to be sleek and contemporary. In a conventional room you can certainly use a ledge that’s more like crown molding — a tasteful look for encouraging a nice piece of art.

Deep Picture Ledge – $35

An all-wood picture ledge will hold up over time and is the substance of choice on a textured wall.

Metal Picture Ledge – $34

A metal picture ledge is sleek and contemporary, and may easily be painted a bright colour.

Your turn: Please discuss your personal picture rail gallery from your Comments!

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