Designing with Souvenirs

Coming home from holiday is simply the worst, isn’t it? You have to get back into the swing of your everyday routine when dreaming of the last week of bliss. Most of us bring home some sort of souvenir from a great holiday to remember the time we had there. However, when you get your keepsake house it oftentimes gets tossed into a box, then filed from a photo album, or simply thrown away.

If you get creative, you will discover ways to incorporate your paintings to the design of your area in a chic way. Not only will it be a gorgeous reminder of your fabulous holiday, but having a job to throw yourself into will help cushion the blow of post-vacation blues.

Tracy Murdock Allied ASID

The designer of the residence created a whole backlit architectural attribute to highlight a 20-year collection of miniature liquor bottles which these homeowners have collected. This is a creative approach to highlight a long-running collection of souvenirs and also a great way to toast to your travels.

Kerrie L. Kelly

Revisiting the streets you traveled and the cross streets you stayed on can be a great reminder of a favourite place you seen. I adore the way this blueprint-like map was turned into artwork.

Bosworth Hoedemaker

You can even gather maps over the years of the areas that you visit over the years and produce an artwork wall. This gallery style display gives this house a well-traveled feel allowing the homeowners to reminisce about all their vacations past.

Allison Jaffe Interior Design LLC

Possibly the most collected summer souvenir is your shell. I love to collect my shells in a bowl for display, similar to the living room here. It is a terrific way to casually display your bits and have the flexibility to incorporate it with each holiday.

Liz Williams Interiors

Another great way to display your shells would be to use them more as sculptural artwork. The casual living room here shows shells in a bookshelf that’s back painted in a contrasting shade, allowing the shells to pop. This can be done using any souvenir. African masks, plates, historical currency bits, and many other collectible sculptural pieces would look great in a setting similar to this also helps set the tone for your space.

Kate Jackson Design

An artful display in a shadowbox is a gorgeous way to display souvenirs. You can add to this over time with a note or placard saying when and where you gathered your own souvenir. These shells appear magnificent, but you can also use this method to display airplane tickets, subway cards, chopsticks, or any other trinket gathered from your holiday.

I love the way that these bottle caps were framed in these shadowboxes. It is a terrific way to preserve memories onto a smaller scale. You are able to produce a continuous collection from your vacations over the years using bottle caps, ticket stubs, or any other type of collected trinket. The attractiveness of shadowboxes is you are able to personalize them and display just about anything that will fit inside.

West Elm

Apothecary Jars – $15

Apothecary jars are a excellent way to contain odds and ends from holiday. It’s possible to store shells, tickets from Broadway shows, or even sand from your favourite beach. It is a perfect way to control the chaos of some of your favorite trinkets.

Michelle Hinckley

This kids living room indicates a excellent example of a selection of baubles stored in a clear jar. Not only does it keep your trinkets organized, but in addition, it complements the room nicely.

The Locker

If you still have odds and ends that simply don’t look good displayed in the open, a few classic suitcases can give a warm, traveled texture and do dual duty providing some extra storage. Stacking them also allows for them to be a side table.

Beth Dotolo, ASID, RID, NCIDQ

Of course, the most memorable mementos from vacations are photographs. This seating area shows photographs taken of children from across the world. Create a collection of photos taken over the years or switch them out with photos after every family trip. The trick to an artful display is to keep the photos in a uniform dimensions utilizing uniform frames to get a clean appearance.

Summer holiday is where a few of your finest memories are created. It is essential to have the ability to keep those memories alive so exhibit these memories in a creative way to best preserve some favourite travel spots.

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