Great Design Plant: Golden Creeping Jenny

Slow-growing specimen plants are magnificent additions to a garden, and definitely worth the time that they take to mature. But if you’re looking to add color or fill out a place in your lawn quickly, look at colorful, low-maintenance golden creeping Jenny (Lysimachia nummularia‘Aurea’).

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Linda Daley

Easily identified by its fluorescent green foliage, gold creeping Jenny will rise in bright spots as well as from the colour. Its small ruffled leaves can turn a bright yellow when planted in full sun. Shade-dwelling specimens will become a lime green. Profuse yellow flowers appear in early summer.

Botanical name: Lysimachia nummularia‘Aurea’

Common names: Golden creeping Jenny, moneywort, gold pennywort

USDA zones:3-9

Water necessity: moderate to regular

Sun necessity:Full sun to partial shade

Mature size: 2″-4″ tall x 2′ spread or more

Tolerances: Limited foot traffic, rocky, shallow and wet lands

Notice: Vigorous grower — can be invasive in certain areas. Cut needed.

David Feix Landscape Design

Distinguishing traits. The greatest ground cover if you’re looking to quickly fill space, gold creeping Jenny provides yearlong interest with its dense network of distributing foliage.

David Feix Landscape Design

The best way to utilize it. Golden creeping Jenny is a natural ground cover choice where it can be made to run wild: a backyard lender, along a path, or near a stream. Because gold creeping Jenny prefers moist soil, this is also a fantastic plant to use in a rain garden.

Danielle Johnson

Sparsely planting creeping Jenny along a path allows its dispersing strands to elegantly cascade over walls and rocks, or simply trail along the ground.


Keep it rising. While its speedy expansion rate makes gold creeping Jenny a lifesaver in a few gardens, it can be a burden in others. This cultivar is not as aggressive than the straight species, but its growth rate continues to be something to keep in mind — particularly in moist areas that provide perfect growing conditions. Be careful growing near lawns or flower beds as it can overtake the plantings.

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