Guest Groups: Winter (Yes, Winter) Warmers

The city where I live in Australia only experienced its coldest day in years, so obviously I’m thinking about every possible means to warm up. Of course you are going to want to have an superb fireplace, heat-loss preventers and a few hearty cooking. However, creating a comfortable winter home is not only about the physical heat. Adding touch-me cloths, soft lighting from lamps and candles, and accessories and storage that suit your indoor tasks will give your home that cozy feeling.

Catch (a different) cup of hot tea and enjoy this month’s idea roundup. — Alicia from Atypical Type A

Peter’s of Kensington

Stockholm Chocolate Fondue Set

Sure, the prevalence of fondue rises and falls occasionally, but tendencies aside, that can resist a divine chocolate kettle with strawberries and bananas? And, hey, it’s got fruit so that it’s healthy, right?


Talia Magazine Basket – AUD 59.95

Considering all the nesting going on, you’re certain to get more than the usual amount of painting magazines around. Stash them in this basket. In the warmer months it will be the perfect place to maintain those shouts. Or you might repurpose it to home your firewood.


Cardi Throw – AUD 64.95

Brr, pass the nana carpet please! This candy wool throw is ideal for curling up under on the sofa. Then whenever your picture marathon is over, it functions as an extra layer of warmth in your mattress. When not being used, the feel and neutral color will look beautiful as a throw on your sofa.

Peter’s of Kensington

Cherry Red French Oven Oval

Winter is synonymous with gloriously rich casseroles, soups and curries. I really like the ease of a hot-plate-to-oven-to-table cast iron kettle to the cold-weather cooking. If you have (sturdy) open shelving, a more vibrant pot will look good annually.

Hard to Discover

Ribbon Hanger – AUD 149

Does your entryway have a propensity to become a dumping ground for coats, scarves and umbrellas? Calm the madness with this fun ribbon-inspired coatrack.

Hard to Discover

Hot Water Bottle Cover, Pink Diamante – AUD 49.95

Sometimes you do not need to heat the entire bedroom, you only need to take the edge off those cold sheets. A hot water bottle with a cute knitted argyle cover is just the thing.


Wandering Pleats Curtain – $148

Thus much of a home’s heat is lost through the windows, particularly if you have an elderly home. Some thick curtains will warm up your room and look great yearlong.


Arrosa Quilt – $58

It is time to change the lightweight linens outside for a few cushy covers. Cocoon yourself in this gorgeously eclectic quilted bedding.


Vintage Umbrella Stand by Gallivanting Women – $65

Because I don’t have an umbrella stand in my front door, I must walk my umbrella throughout the home, dripping, to the laundry room to allow it to dry. Cease the drips and make storage with this vintage stand that would add a playful touch to any decor.


Corrigan Linen Chair – $1,698

Curling up with a good book is definitely a nice way to spend a chilly day. Turn a wide hallway, unused corner spare corner right to a reading zone with bookshelves and this comfy, upholstered feature chair.

Pottery Barn

Eva Colored Glass Table Lamp – $99

Do you just have stark overhead lights in your property? Consider incorporating a few floor lamps and table lamps to make a welcoming and cozy glow. These stunning lamps are the right mixture of neutral and unique and will be the perfect antidote to that dark, uninviting corner.


Little Knit Color Cozy Mug – $26

Warm up your insides with a cup of tea, hot chocolate or soup. These vibrant knitted cozies are just too adorable for words!


Retractable Drying Line – $6.99

As I write this, I’m sitting amongst wet socks and shirts that are drying on every surface. Next time I attempt to perform the washing on a rainy week, then I’m going to need this nifty retractable clothesline.


Home Made Cookie Stamp – AUD 25.95

The cooler months are the perfect time to get back to baking. You’ll have some yummy treats in the conclusion, and it will warm up your home and make it smell incredible. Insert your homemade stamp of approval with this fun cookie cutter.

Design Within Reach

Malm Fireplace – $1,500

Throw rugs and casseroles are all well and good, but what you really need is a constant and efficient heat source for your property. This stunning fireplace is as much a style statement as a practical requirement. Ensure it is the feature of your living room (rather than the TV), and your loved ones members and friends will be attracted to collect around it for all your winter activities.

Julius Grass Storage Ottoman – $499

With the children playing inside a lot more, you could discover toys strewn around everywhere. Create some additional storage for toys, art supplies and board games with this smart hollow ottoman. Bonus: While keeping an eye on them enjoying, you can set your feet and enjoy a cup of tea.


Ecoya Metro Jar 270g – AUD 37.95

There is nothing like candles to make a warm and inviting glow in your property. Amp up the atmosphere with a yummy scented candle.


Coffee Pot

A relaxing morning spent enjoying a cooked breakfast and coffee while doing the crossword sounds like a nice way to begin a cold Sunday. This midcentury, Danish-designed coffee kettle will be the perfect table accessory.


Door Draft Stopper Snake, Slate Grey/Yellow/Floral by Ogsplosh – $20

The doorway snake might not be the coolest home accessory on the cube, but grandmother was right about it. I’m considering getting one for the back door since it has a massive gaping space in the base lets all of the chilly air come in.


Oval Oak Wine Carafe – $36

I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing I like more about chilly than simply sharing a gorgeous bottle of wine with friends. Serve it.

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