Housing Grants for Teachers

For many people, the American Dream includes owning a house. But this dream has eluded many because of their lower incomes and inability to save for down payments. Although teachers and other public servants have traditionally written a big part of the group, many programs in the last several years have provided grants and loans to ensure they, too, can appreciate homeownership.

Teacher Next Door

Possibly one of the best-known apps for teachers is the Teacher Next Door initiative. Only those that are employed as full-time administrators or teachers in school through grade 12 in public or private institutions are eligible. In addition, they need to be licensed or licensed by the state and purchasing a house at the district or jurisdiction in which they teach. This system allows them to buy HUD-owned houses for as much as 50 percent from the listing price if they consent to use the house as their sole residence for at least three decades.

Home for Heroes

Another program offering special considerations for teachers, firefighters, police and specific health care professionals is called Home for Heroes. This system provides a huge variety of alternatives for those purchasing homes in the communities where they work. One of these choices are tax breaksdown payment assistance, lower rates of interest, subsidized loans and lower closing costs. Some also offer additional benefits such as life insurance and 100 percent financing. Another variant of this application is for financing institutions to forgive some of their loan when the instructor agrees to work at the district or at understaffed schools or subject areas for an unspecified amount of decades.

Great Neighbor Next Door

With the belief that teachers, firefighters, police officers and health care workers are in demand as neighbors and will help stabilize a neighborhood, this program provides a 50 percent discount on the purchase price of a HUD-owned home in certain areas. The prerequisites for this program are similar to those of the Teacher Next Door program. While those qualifying for this program can search for a loan of their choice, those eligible for FHA financing need a deposit of only $100.

Local Teacher Assistance Programs

Teachers in several regions of the country could qualify for state and local grants in addition to national ones. Among the best-known of these programs is supplied from the Chicago Public School System, which through partnerships with financing institutions and many property management firms helps subsidize both the lease and purchase of housing. Under this program, teachers are entitled to up to $7,500 of assistance in purchasing a house. Not only does this program help recruit teachers to the district, but in addition it helps revitalize areas.

Other Programs

California is among the several countries that offer applications for teachers in for-profit colleges. The objective of the California program will be to help recruit and retain teachers, administrators and classified employees in schools labeled as large priority by helping with payments down. The city of San Francisco also offers several programs to teachers at the San Francisco Unified District. These applications offer down payment assistance, mortgage credits and below-market-rate loans.

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