How to Resign from a Homeowners Association Volunteer Position

Deciding to resign from your homeowners association board may be a difficult choice. Though you probably enjoyed serving your neighbors, dedicating your time to this board also takes a whole lot of energy and time. Since most homeowners relationships are volunteer positions, you’re free to resign at anytime. But group dynamics often come with a protocol for making changes. Following professional and respectful processes when tendering your resignation can enable you to remain on good term with your neighbors.

Write an email announcing your resignation. Distribute the email to all of the members on the homeowners association. Draft the notice using a constructive and professional tone. Explain your choice in general terms to avoid insulting anyone in the institution. Tell how you have enjoyed serving on the board and also that you’re proud of this work that the team has accomplished during your investigation. A written letter will even work if your team does not frequently communicate via email.

Resign in person at the following scheduled HOA meeting. Though your letter or email is going to have probably been distributed at this point, it is still professional to address the group at the meeting regarding your choice to depart. If you would like, keep the exact reason for deciding to resign to yourself as a way to keep a congenial atmosphere.

Answer any questions the group may have. Your HOA coworkers will most likely have concerns and comments regarding your announcement. Respond to this queries to the point in which you remain familiar with Don’t feel you have to answer any concerns of a private nature. Stay positive, and be certain your choice does not reflect poorly on your fellow association board members because you will probably still be dwelling in the neighborhood.

Give advance notice. The board could possibly rely on your own experience or capacity to inspire the other members in the HOA. Leaving without notice could possibly create problems. Plan your passage in order that the association board has sufficient time to find a replacement. Make recommendations or provide to aid with the hunt and interviews, if relevant.

Continue to help with projects that you initiated until they are completed. If you were an active member of this association board then you probably led or were involved with a variety of projects in the neighborhood. Remain involved with the community ventures and also help to bring them to a successful conclusion.

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