Make Fall-Perfect Wooden Candleholders — With a Woodshop

While I think about collapse, cozy nights by the fireplace immediately come to mind. I really don’t have a fireplace right now, but candlelight is a terrific visual replacement. It is the perfect way to add atmosphere and a comfy feel on chilly nights. Together with a blanket and a fantastic book (and maybe a heater), it sets the atmosphere for the perfect fall evening.

Among my favorite ways to exhibit candles is on the coffee table in a group of three in different heights. Blend them with a simple pile of books and a tray, and you will be on your way to making the perfect tablescape. I made a set of unique textural candlesticks using simple substances for just a couple bucks, and you may also. Here’s how.


1 pack of long wood shims (thin pieces of wood used to fill Modest gaps in carpentry projects)
1 pack of wood shims
Half sheet of 1/4-inch MDF
Wood adhesive
Clamps or tape (to hold the wood in place while the adhesive dries)
Wood filler and sandpaper
Paint in the color of your choice
Chop saw and table saw

1. Cut four pieces of MDF to your desired width and length for the edges of this candleholders. Then cut a square for the candle to sit on in the center.

We used a table saw to cut the width to 4 inches and a chop saw to cut the height. Need help cutting on the MDF? Staffers from the lumber department at the local hardware store will often make a few cuts for free and cost each cut afterwards.

I cut on the width of each piece of MDF to 4 inches and then overlapped them when putting them together, so the total width was 41/4 inches (the width plus the wood shims). I then cut the small square to sit inside, making it 33/4 inches.

My general candleholder heights were 12 inches, 8 inches and 4 inches.

2. I used wood glue to build the box. Hold each piece in place until the adhesive sets a little, then use tape or clamps to help hold it in place because it dries.

3. Once you’ve attached three sides, apply wood glue on all sides of this square that can hold the candle and then insert the square. Hold till the adhesive sets a little and then finish the box by gluing the fourth facet on.

For my 3-inch candle I measured 2 inches from the top for the square for the candle to sit on.

4. After the adhesive has dried thoroughly, start applying the wood shims. Mark the border by drawing on on a line beneath.

5. Safe every shim with wood adhesive.

6. Cut the wood shims with a chop saw to varying lengths and heights for a casual, scattered appearance.

7. When the adhesive has dried, add wood filler to smooth any openings or openings involving the shims or on the wood itself.

8. Using a fine-grit sandpaper, lightly sand down the wood filler and some other sharp edges.

9. Finish with the paint or stain of your choice. I used gold paint since I love how metallic finishes bring out the variances in wood.


For security, never light a candle till it’s surrounded by nonflammable material. These holders work great for tea lights in glass cups or candles in glass jars. You might even use bigger electronic candles to make a wonderful glow.

Inform us What’s your favorite way to bring collapse to your property?

Your Easiest Fall Decorating Ever

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