Make Room for a Thanksgiving Crowd

Thanksgiving is days off. You’ve decided on your tablescape, the menu is set and you know what you are going to wear. Where are you going to place every one your guests? Whether you reside in a spacious house or a small city flat, it is time to distance program. But don’t worry: This task just takes a careful observation of your area, so you can utilize what you have, if it means simply moving some furniture or getting a bit more creative. Read on to understand how to make the most of your entertaining area.

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We all wish we’d spacious dining rooms with long, accommodating tables similar to this one. If you have got one, you are all set. If not, there’s still hope. Read on, party planners.

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Adding a leaf to the table is old information. But what about adding a table to your kitchen island? The centerpiece of the kitchen is its custom staircase and drop-leaf table that converts from a casual family dining room to seats for 10 to 12. You are able to plan a feature like this for your next kitchen and, for this year, bring a counter-height table up to your own island to get a similar effect.

Schwartz and Architecture

Here’s a shot at the table together with the drop leaf in action.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

For many of us, especially city dwellers, our dining and kitchen areas are a lot smaller compared to our living rooms. Make the most of that living-room space by shifting your dining table to the living room for your occasion. Perhaps there’s space behind the couch, or perhaps you have to remove a few chairs. Utilizing the largest room in your house for a sit-down dinner will give everyone breathing room — and open up your dining room for the buffet.

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You’ve moved the table to the living area and realized you don’t have enough chairs for the masses about to arrive. Easy solution: Contain your living-room furniture. As long as everything is a comfortable height, your guests will adore your own imaginative, eclectic vibe.

Look around the home to see what other nooks and crannies you can use. Have a window seat? Pull up a coffee table (maybe the one you had to remove from the living area ) and scatter it with a couple extra chairs. Voila, the kids’ table!

Is the dining room credenza too little to maintain the whole buffet? Rather than piling it all on haphazardly, produce your own buffet table using sawhorses and a large plank of wood. Maybe it is an old door that’s not used, or anything you find at a flea market or mess lawn for cheap. When it’s unsightly, pay it with a tablecloth.

Establish a bar somewhere besides the kitchen. This will alleviate overcrowding one area with thirsty guests. Don’t place it close to the front door: You don’t want a bottleneck situation when people arrive.

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Make your bar even more self-sufficient by putting it . Replace your knickknacks or novels with martini glasses and cocktail accessories. In case you’ve got an integrated desk, even better: The desk can behave as the bar.

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While you’re at it, look around your home to see what else could be repurposed for your evening. A table supporting a couch could develop into a holding ground for hors d’oeuvres.

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As soon as you know where people will sit and the other places you’ll use for extra bar or appetizer spots, observe the distance as a whole to be sure it allows to get a good traffic flow. Whenever there are a great deal of people in one place, you want them to be able to move freely about. When it’s still feeling cramped, remove unnecessary furniture.

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In your loved ones or living area, arrange the furniture so it accommodates groups of people for dialogue. If you have got the space and enough pieces, create several different seating areas to keep everyone engaged.

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Before everyone arrives, do a last swoop to be sure you got rid of all clutter. With that many bodies at one house, extra stuff will make the space feel that more constricted.

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It’s likely there are areas in your house that you don’t want your curious guests to wander into, like a private office or the upstairs. It’s unlikely you’ve got a door blocking your staircase like this instance, however, you can still politely direct traffic elsewhere by putting the buffet table in front of a closed office door or producing beautiful blossom vignettes on the stair landing to prevent access.

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Remember all that furniture we’ve been talking about going away? All this time you have probably been wondering where the heck you would put it. Here’s a suggestion: the garage. Not only does this make room inside, but it also creates an additional furnished space. You will have a spacious interior and a space for the kids to hang.

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