Share Your Favorite Christmas Tradition

We have seen all of the gorgeous Christmas trees, beautifully appointed mantels and wreath-bedecked front doors, and we all love them. However, we’d like to know what your family’s unique Christmas traditions are. What’s the one thing that you pull from the loft which makes you know it’s Christmas? Do your kids Search for your Elf on the Shelf? Can you pull National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and laugh in the Griswolds? Please share your tradition. Post a picture and your tradition might be utilised at a future ideabook.

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‘A Christmas Story’ 40-Inch Leg Lamp

People who grew up in the ’80s understand exactly what this is. Among my Christmas traditions is watching A Christmas Story and laughing my head off. Have you got a favorite holiday movie you watch each year?


The 12 Days of Christmas

Perhaps you pull out a favourite book that gets the kids even more enthused about the impending holiday. What is your favorite?

Monica Ewing

You count down to Christmas starting on December 1 with an Advent calendar. Whatever your traditions are, please post an image and tell us about them below!

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