Still Going Warholian

No one living or dead celebrated pop culture over Andy Warhol. His ideas made a massive impact upon the art world, inspiring controversy within the very definition of artwork and altering the way the world viewed graphic artwork. From ancient shoe illustrations for newspaper ads to Campbell’s soup cansfrom Troy Donahue to drawing the gun which Valerie Solanas utilized to shoot him he always kept the conversation along with also the controversy alive. His ideas continue to affect us at home.

Supon Phornirunlit / Naked Decor

Supon Phornirunlit’s house is filled with pop sensibility. The Campbell’s soup can renderings flanking the bed would be the work of Steve Kaufman, Andy Warhol’s former assistant.

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Brian Patrick Flynn understands a lot of artistic mileage out of some 99 cent cans of soup onto this wall.

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Canned moderate – $325

Designers Christoph Matthias and Hagen Sczech created this enjoyable pendant light for Ingo Maurer.

Cristi Holcombe Interiors, LLC

Early in his career, Warhol exemplified advertisements and became famous for his whimsical footwear drawings. The subject matter stuck with him as he expanded into various media.

Lizette Marie Interior Design

Not only was Warhol considering celebrating iconic American items like Campbell’s soup, but also in celebrating cultural icons like Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Elvis Presley.

Grisell Navas

Copies of Warhol’s’60s portraits of Monroe match Atomic-Age upholstery.


If Natalie Portman was around in the’60s, it is a pretty safe bet Warhol would have painted her (in this scenario, artist Ronnie Bauttista did).

Gary Hutton Design

Warhol’s portrait of Joseph Beuys hangs in a place of honor within this mid-century modern Eichler home. Beuys was a German artist and a contemporary of Warhol’s.

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Jackie O Poster – $169

This oversized portrait of Jackie O is available to the masses from CB2. I love to believe Warhol would have wanted it this way.

Contemporary Prints And Posters – $39.95

Should you need a little inspiration from Warhol, let him talk to you every day from this particular print.

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