The best way to Create Your Own Inverted Planter From Pop Bottles

An upside down garden is not only a novelty, but allows you to develop herbs, veggies and flowers while trying out very little room on patios, decks or even tiny condo balconies. Not all crops are -suited to the unusual technique that is developing, particularly in the comparatively little soil area afforded with a 2-liter pop bottle planter. However, most herbs, cherry tomatoes and a few strawberries, for instance, can do nicely if supplied with all mild and the dampness they require.

Cut the 3″ off the pop bottle. Remove the bottle label and clean in in soapy water. Rinse with water.

Folding the tape over the cut edge, wrap a bit of tape across the conclusion of the bottle. This enhance the bottle while since the the cut part for hanging.

Punch three holes throughout the side near the edge, of the soda-bottle. Punch the holes from cracking throughout the tape, which stops the bottle. Space the holes similarly across the rim.

Thread an 18 Inch length of twine and tie it. Gather the ends of the three items that are twine and tie them together to produce the hanger for the planter.

Cut a bit of landscape material to to match in the bottle. Poke a little hole in the material to move the roots of the plant through. The plant is kept by the material from slipping.

Hang the planter from a hook that is safe. Insert the roots of the plant up through the opening in the mouth of the bottle.

Fill the planter half-complete using a light-weight potting mixture, ideally one that mainly includes compost and peat. Water the soil till it is moistened, then complete filling the bottle. Water a 2nd time.

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