The best way to Fix a Rusted Steel Bathtub Drain

Bathtub drains are made to survive, but humidity and water lead to the development of rust on steel types, and rust can ultimately stop water or ruin the drain itself. You could clean rust off a bathtub drain without eliminating it, but that generally is not a process that is challenging, when removal is important. Some drains are held in place with a screw although some twist as a device to the drain opening. Either way, you can generally take away the drain using a screwdriver so you could give it a thorough clean-up.

Dissolve area rust with lime and salt juice. Empty all of the water in the bath, then sprinkle salt on the drain. The salt with lime juice to moisten it, although not sufficient to to clean it away. Allow the mixture sit for many hours, then scrub the rust using a tooth-brush off -dimension wire brush.

Use jelly to get rid of rust. Pour to the drain, allow it to sit for one hour or 2, then clean it away with water. Scrub off any rust that stays using the wire brush.

Take away in the event that you guess the bottom is corroded or to give it a thorough clean-up. In the event the drain attaches using a screw, unscrew it using a screwdriver. Spray lube on it and decide to try turning it after FIVE MINUTES minutes if it’s not going to change.

Remove a drain that does not have a screw by turning the drain counter-clockwise, levering it against one of them-and adding a screwdriver between the tines.

Distribute jelly on the lower of the drain and allow it to sit for one to several hours and washing it away with water. Scrub off any rust with a wire brush.

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