The best way to Install Glass Panels on Kitchen Cabinets

Glass panels on kitchen-cabinets let you display curios and kitchen ware and include visible depth. Many types of recessed wood-panel doors may be transformed installing glass panels in the current recesses and by by eliminating the wood. Custom cabinets may be shipped using a hard board insert in every door for balance and are made to take glass panels. Glass panels can be installed by a home improvement enthusiast having a reasonable degree of expertise on kitchen-cabinets with some supplies as well as simple shop tools.


By unscrewing the hinges in the doors using a screwdriver remove each do or from a cupboard. It’s perhaps not required to remove the hinges in the cabinet.

Set up a work table using towel protect or a gentle tarp to avoid scratching the finish on the doorways. Place one of the doorways face-down on the dining table.

Pry all the slender strips of glass cease from the edges of the wood-panel using a wood chisel. Do this to avoid breaking the quit. Set apart the bits of quit.

Stand the door. Tap the entrance of the wood-panel or insert the interior edges of the doorframe over with all the butt of a hammer manage to eliminate it in the recess.

Measure the dimensions of the recess in the rear of the door. Deduct 1/8 inch from the width measurements height and to permit clearance for Note the measurements.

Repeat steps 3 through 5 to eliminate the wood panels or inserts and notice the measurements for the glass panels at every door.

Order the glass panels. Typical cupboard glass is 1/8 inch thick and, depending on a style choice, can be obvious, opaque, textured or wire glass.

Installing Glass Panels

Place a do-or face-down on the work-table. A little bead of apparent silicone in the trunk of the door on the lip of the panel recess. Set the glass panel set up in the recess.

A little bead of obvious silicone over the edges of the glass panel. The glass that is saved stops. Remove any extra silicone using a paper-towel.

Repeat the actions and install the glass panels that are remaining. Allow the silicone setting before re installing the doors.

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