The best way to Propagate a Dwarf Schefflera

The dwarf schefflera (Schefflera arboricola), also known as the dwarf umbrella tree, provides an impression of the tropics to the in-doors. This house plant that is well-known functions oval leaves developing in a pattern. Young dwarf scheffleras have leaves that are tiny, but as crops mature they become more lush to look at. Some types have green leaves splashed with white and green variegation, or gold. The seed is hard to acquire although beginning a dwarf schefflera is feasible. Air or cutting layering are the favored techniques of propagation because of this plant.

Cutting Technique

Cut a stem from the development at the top of the dwarf schefflera. Make the cut in the bottom of the stem using a sharp knife.

A rooting hormone powder, available at garden centers. Items that are such inspire speedy creation of new roots.

Fill a little pot, measuring about 3″ in diameter, with general purpose potting soil.

Poke a hole in the soil, around 1-inch deep and just somewhat broader in relation to the width of the cutting’s stem. When you spot it preforming the planting hole will stop the hormone rubbed off.

Insert the conclusion of the cutting with all the hormone powder to the planting hole and tamp it down around it along with your finger to secure it.

Place the cutting in a area where it is going to receive bright light but not direct sunlight.

Place the cutting in an area where it’s humid, like kitchen or a bathroom. It’s possible for you to increase humidity by putting the pot on a tray of half- . Every couple of days, misting the cutting using a plant mister also aids supply humidity.

Water the. The cutting will quickly establish it self following several months might be transplanted to some slightly bigger pot and as a plant.

Air Layering Approach

Choose a stem about the newer development at the top of the dwarf schefflera to serve as a plant that is new.

Wound the stem that was selected by scratching or scarring the surface using a knife. Make the near the underside of the stem. Scratch the green epidural covering or “skin” of the stem only; don’t minimize it s O seriously that it breaks or falls off the plant.

Dust some rooting hormone powder throughout the region of the wound.

Surround the stem that is ready having a handful of moist sphagnum moss. Wrap the moss and gently secure the wrap. This can hold in the moisture essential to to guide rooting.

If essential to keep it continuously moist, unwrap the plastic wrap to examine the wound once a week moss with water. Of creating roots by air-layering in this way, the process can t-AKE many months months.

When it h AS roots to endure when planted on its own, sever the stem entirely in the parent plant having a knife. Make the cut in the bottom of the stem.

Place the plant that is new in a little pot in general purpose potting soil.

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