The best way to Replace a Trapdoor Under a Faucet

Plumbers sometimes put in a trapdoor in the wall under a faucet to gain access to the pipes behind. These doors that are easy might have to be changed if they get damaged. Doors are often set up to gain access to the pipes supporting the faucet for the tub by installing it upon the wall supporting the shower, or shower. Whether installing a trapdoor to get a shower or sink faucet, the process is exactly the same for creating a door that remains shut when required, but is readily opened.

Unscrew the panel in the wall opening.

Assess height and the width of the opening.

Cut a 3/4-inch-thick piece of plywood to to match the opening.

Paint the plywood to coordinate with the remaining wall. Await the paint to fully dry.

Install half of all both hinges the side of the plywood panel with all the screws included with all the cupboard hinges.

Drill a pilot hole one dimension smaller in relation to the screw useful for the cupboard pull knob.

Situate the pilot hole in the proper of the plywood panel, opposite the hinges on the entrance.

The cupboard pull knob to the hole in the correct part of the plywood panel.

Attach of all both hinges to the wall to the left of the trapdoor opening. The hinges ought to be connected to the wall so the opening is fully covered by the plywood panel.

Divide the halves of the cupboard close that is magnetic. Install half in the far-right side about the interior of the plywood panel. This is the rear of the panel in the knob.

Attach of the closing on the border of the trapdoor opening when the panel is closed, hence the two halves of the close meet.

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