The Way to Eliminate Smells

Freezer scents pose a annoyance each time you open the freezer , when they affect the ice cubes from your icemaker but they turned into a problem. The ice may not absorb the odor however create an unpleasant flavor. Locating the origin of the smell and eradicating it solves the smell issue. Regularly cleaning the packaging and freezer food properly for storage prevents the odor from returning.

Remove all food items. Dispose burnt or spoiled. Rewrap items in a double layer of freezer wrap. Odors from several foods, such as grains and meat, can permeate the freezer and the ice may absorb the smell.

If it is not an automatic skillet defrost the freezer. The ice buildup from the freezer transfer and may absorb odors.

Turn off the icemaker. Empty the ice block bin and eliminate those ice cubes. Wash the bin using a solution of 4 tablespoons baking soda dissolved in 1 quart of water to eliminate any scents. Rinse with clean water before placing it back and dry the bin thoroughly.

Wipe out the inside of the freezer using all the baking soda solution. Wipe down the ice cuber maker mechanism along with walls and the shelves of the freezer. This removes and neutralizes any scents on the freezer that are making their way.

Replace the food items in the freezer. Set of baking soda onto a freezer near bin and the ice block maker. Any odors are absorbed by the baking soda.

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