The Way to Make Pebble Drawer Pulls

Store-bought drawer pulls made of pebbles or stones may be hard to find, particularly if you have a particular color, size or kind of stone in your mind. Making your own is simply a matter of deciding on an adhesive strong enough to fasten the stone to this pole or base of the drawer pull; the ideal adhesive may vary based on whether the rest of the pull is constructed of timber or metal. For optimum results, select pebbles that are smooth, at least on the back, and sturdy enough to handle use as a drawer pull.

Wipe the pebbles thoroughly with moist paper towels to remove dust and dirt. If they show visible dirt, then scrub them with a nylon-bristled scrub brush and wipe them down until tidy. Dry with paper towels.

Cover the work surface with newspaper to protect it in art or epoxy glue.

Remove the screws in the corners of this drawer pull bases, and set them apart.

Select one pebble and press it from the top of a drawer pull foundation, turning the pebble about to ascertain which side matches the foundation best without wobbling. Apply a generous quantity of glue or epoxy into the peak of the drawer pull; insert a dab on the back of the pebble in the event the adhesive directions recommend applying the substance to the surfaces. Press the pebble onto the drawer pull foundation and set the pull upright to dry with the pebble sitting atop it. Allow to dry for several hours, or as recommended by the adhesive label’s instructions. Repeat the procedure for every extra drawer pull.

Open a drawer and insert the screw in the drawer pull through the back of the drawer, then from the front. Hold one of the pebble pulls in front of the screw, then turning the screw by hand to guarantee the pull on the drawer. Tighten the screw completely with a Phillips screwdriver. Repeat the procedure for each of remaining pebble pulls.

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