What Color Paint and Accents Could Look Nice With a Mocha-Colored Sectional?

Earth tones are generally some of the simpler colours to use in decor and design, but a mocha colour calls for precise colour matching, depending on the underlying color tone of the mocha. When designing about a mocha sectional sofa, avoid a mis-match by taking a colour sample of your own sectional with you when visiting paint shops or buying accessories. Add spark to your room with daring sidechair upholstery or let the mocha fade in the background with a monochromatic palette, highlighted with dazzling bronze.


Mocha works readily as the base color of a monochromatic room. Pair the sectional couch with a darker shade of brown for the floors in wood boards, travertine tile or a low-pile wall-to-wall carpet blend. Insert a decorative rug with a hint of grey to last the monochrome motif. Prevent color-clashing by using a wall paint that’s a lighter shade than the couch and window shades at a dull mocha, honeycomb style. White trim on the moldings, windows and doors adds crispness into the room. The pizazz includes a bronze Venetian plaster feature wall behind the couch.

A Hint of Red

Balance the red undertones of a mocha sectional by pairing it with dull raspberry, light gray and a dash of Wedgwood blue. Chairs with a mahogany trim covered at a damask floral print of cabbage roses in fuchsia, raspberry, gray and blue add colour and interest to your room. Coordinate hardwood floors with the end of your side seats and tables, acknowledging mahogany tones as the guiding source. A light, pale pink wall color loses its shock value and fades gently into the background when works of art are hung, while understated creamy white or pewter walls provide a neutral backdrop.

Regal and Royal

Gray taupe undertones at mocha mix nicely with midnight or imperial blues. Insert light gray as a accent and incorporate rust into the colour scheme. Cherry wood-framed seats with indigo blue and gray plaid or tweed upholstery fabric balance the mocha sectional. Hardwood floors in Brazilian cherry or chestnut offsets the furnishings. Be daring by choosing terra cotta wall paint diluted with white or gray walls with lighter grey trim.

The Coolness of Teal

Mocha that’s tinged with grey or has a blue undertone blends nicely with shades of teal. Color choices are restricted, but when the deep hues of Venetian red is contrasted with the coolness of teal, the room looks solid and well thought out. Oak hardwood or cream Berber carpet contrasts best with a mocha sectional couch, and the accession of wall hangings that are matted and framed in cream and oak unites the contents of your own room. Paint the walls cream and locate upholstery and window coverings at a loose brown and teal or deep red weave.

Bold Brick and Chartreuse

Make your mocha sectional sofa stand out by complementing it with chartreuse Shantung silk on side seats with brick accessories and throw pillows. Not for the light at heart, these colour combinations bring the room alive without undermining the sensations. Putty-colored paint on the walls keeps the background low-key, and distressed wood floors in shades of gray-pink tie the colours together.

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