Evoke Old-World Romance With Vintage Silver

I favor my silver with a patina. When it’s engraved with a name or initials, all the greater. 1 year I decided to polish all the silver in our store a gloomy idea. The chemicals gave me a headache, and everything was overly shiny. Thankfully, everything tarnished well again.

Some may shiver at the notion of tarnished silver, but its elegant and romantic look has made its way into homes of all styles. Decades ago nearly everyone had silver or silver-plated serving pieces for specific occasions. Nowadays they tend to be full of a box in someone’s basement or sitting unloved on a thrift shop shelf. Do not let all that glinty gorgeousness go to waste! Here is how to earn vintage silver or silver-plated pieces look new in your property.

Working Vintage Silver Into Your Decor

Adding vintage and classic pieces to a modern space can be somewhat tricky. However, mixing silver-colored accessories with slightly industrial pieces has been on the uptick for a couple of years now. If you want a more laid-back look but do not want to go Shabby Chic, consider adding a couple of substantial pieces that equilibrium with something more manly. In this photo, the big loving cups and tea hosts feel less frivolous in the black open cabinet.

If you have a milder style, attempt re-creating the ambiance inside this photo. Combining a mass of sterling silver frames select classic pieces — the small trophy and hairbrush set within this shot — creates a feminine, old-world elegance.

Hint: Placing smaller silver pieces together in a designated screen creates effect without overwhelming a room.

David Schaf Interiors, LLC

1 stunning pair of candlesticks standing side by side appears fresh paired with another vintage silver item, like this vase. Sitting at a place of honor onto a dark wood buffet, then this vignette speaks into the past without feeling dated.

Jaye Lee Interiors

Utilize vintage silver or silver-plated containers to store games, makeup brushes, lipsticks and other trappings on a dresser top or dressing. Vintage cream and sugar containers may hold cotton puffs and swabs in the restroom.

Apartment 46 for the House

Try These Vintage Silver Accessories

Salt and pepper shakers. I adore classic sterling salt and pepper shakers, particularly when they’re imperfect. I pop the tops off and use them as bud vases, stuffing each one full of small wildflowers to group on windowsills.

Apartment 46 for the House

Pitchers and tea servers. I really like using larger pieces such as silver pitchers and tea hosts as vases. They look beautiful filled with romantic blossoms, such as garden roses or hydrangea heads.

Timothy De Clue Collection & Design

Ice buckets. Silver ice buckets create excellent planters. Patinated silver appears chic once the bit is filled with bright feathery ferns on top of a mantel, coffee table or entry console. Grouping a couple of together onto a dining table creates an interesting centerpiece which evokes days gone by.

When putting a plant in vintage silver, leave it in its original container so that it can be easily removed for draining and watering in the kitchen sink.

Collectibles. Like any collectible, you need to know when a lot of silver is a lot. It is about editing for effect.

The fantastic collection of sterling children’s cups shown here is retained neatly with a tiny mirrored tray. You observe the things more as a set on a tray than if they had been placed throughout a room.

Hint: Vanity trays are excellent for organizing and displaying smaller things such as flasks and aperitif cups.

Apartment 46 for the House

Compotes. Silver compotes are among my most favorite things — there is never a lack of ways to utilize them. Paired with a glass cloche as shown, a compote becomes an outstanding base to display your regular treasures on. Compotes can hold guest soaps in a bathroom, car keys within an entry, or rings and bangles in a bedroom.

Hint: If your compote screen requires a little color, try clipping a large succulent rosette in its foundation to place on top. The succulent will endure for weeks out of water, and once it looks sad, just pop it back in the soil and choose another!

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Silver candlesticks. Silver or silver-plated candlesticks may be the most classic silver accessory. The plan adage that things seem much better in threes, fives and sevens certainly rings true with candlesticks. The most modern method to show them will be in mismatched groups. Employing different sizes and heights makes any candlestick screen more interesting.

Proceed, dig these boxes in the attic and have another look at these thrift shop shelves. Now’s the best time to find new uses for all that beautiful antique silver!

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