Simple Pleasures: A Room of Your Own

A room of one’s personal … who does not desire who? A personal space where you are able to make every creative choice, where you could spend your time precisely how you want to, without any interruptions (such as little individuals tugging on your pant leg). A pipe dream? To have your perfect dream space, perhaps. But a creative, restorative space of your own may be within your reach if you make it a priority and examine your home with fresh eyes.

Could you take over the guest bedroom or garage? Convert a closet? Construct a little drop in the garden? When you’ve an idea of the distance that you want to create (the following eight ideas may inspire one), you may discover the motivation to create an area of your own.

Esther Hershcovich

A creative heart. Desire a space where you could paint, draw, sew, craft, picture or sculpt? A airy, light-filled space with hardworking surfaces and ample table space is everything you need. A studio such as the one shown here could be a dream worth conserving for — however a converted garage or outbuilding may work nicely in the meantime.

Rikki Snyder

An area for moving wild with color. Picture if you had a hideaway as vibrant in color and artwork as Frida Kahlo’s Blue House in Coyoacan, Mexico. If you love to express yourself with color but have to practice restraint in common spaces, make that your space a burst of your favourite hues.

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Sarah Greenman

A scholarly nest. Surround yourself with books, art and plump cushions to create your private literary salon. Crave a writerly life? A little nook with a view from the window plus a table, a seat and a door which closes are all the essentials you need. But to actually do it up correctly, I suggest surrounding yourself with favourite books, fresh flowers, good music and twinkle lights or candles. Then catch a cup of hot tea and get to work.

Esther Hershcovich

An hidden corner of the house. The key thing here is privacy, is not it? You want a room not always shared by your kids, significant other or even dog. An area just for you. A room with a door which opens, rather upstairs and away from the main hustle and bustle of the house. A attic could be perfect, don’t you think?

Christine F. Interiordesign AS

An outdoor room. If you live in a warm climate, why not carve out a private space where you are able to enjoy the fresh air and birdsong? Pick a secluded corner of the yard and make it feel much more personal with big planters, trellises or backyard fencing. Add a couple of comfortable chairs, a dining table, a lantern and a couple of pots of fragrant flowers and herbs.

Kootut murut

A dressing room. If the bedroom is the only room in the house you can (at least occasionally) claim for you and you alone, I say roll with it. Transform your bedroom into a heart of cheerfulness by painting it orange yellowish, propping an ornate mirror against the wall and dangling your best frocks or snazziest duds where you can see them. Oh, and a headboard never hurts. You can always extend your getting-ready time to include sneaking in a little bit of poetry reading, journal scribbling or daydreaming.

A backyard destination. It might be a teahouse, an art studio, an author’s cottage … the only limitation is your imagination. The wonderful thing about creating a destination on your garden is that size matters much less compared to the very simple actuality it’s there. A closet-size space may feel like a luxury when you choose a path to get there.

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Rozalynn Woods Interior Design

Utter serenity. Crave peace, balance and order in your life? Let me suggest a retreat space, not always big, but completely Zen-like and well cared for. White walls, white furniture, white orchids and white flowing drapes. A cushy chair. Perchance a Zen sand garden, beautiful wind chimes in the window and a candle.

Inform us : If you may have a space of your own, and money and time were no object, what could it look like? Where could it be? How would you furnish it? What could you do there?

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