Firewood Kindles Summer Style

With winter past us (at least in the northern hemisphere), it’s time to discover alternate ways of displaying firewood. Consider them as art rather than burning substance. I’ve always thought that wood is among the most flexible materials on the market, particularly when its home has a modern, clean and uncluttered look. Firewood can add much more with its tough and organic feel.

Below are some excellent ways homeowners and designers have utilized their own firewood to warm modern interiors — with no real fire.


1. Pick versatile, little storage pieces. Place your firewood in a little storage bit, like a basket. This user discovered a basket having a feel that contrasts the wood quite beautifully. It’s possible to produce the fireplace corner much more practical by incorporating more storage containers and chair cushions.

Ira Lippke

These wooden cubes provide another exceptional feel; combining two of them creates even more impact. Scout neighborhood thrift stores and flea markets to find reclaimed wood storage containers or crates.

Meister Construction Ltd

2. Contrast with contours and feel. One of the best ways to utilize wood is to contrast its organic form and tone from other substances. In cases like this, the wood stands out beautifully against the white walls.

NB Design Group, Inc

Similarly, this interior uses firewood to add contrasting detail into the modern and picture feel of the rest of the room.

Capoferro Design Build Group

3. Keep firewood where it belongs. A clear place to store firewood is next to your fireplace, but you can get creative with your own approach. In this instance, the wood on screen fits perfectly with the rest of the inside’s textures and colors.

Jute Interior Design

Following is a smart way to show your firewood in summer time: Fill your complete fireplace with wood. It provides an extremely natural and practical use of this space throughout the off season.

The construction zone, ltd..

4. Take it outdoors. Firewood does very well outdoors in summer as it can dry out to prepare for cold weather. This smart design creates a great comparison to the otherwise modern and clean look of the yard.

C.O.S Design

The rough texture of your firewood is able to make an effortless statement when lit properly. Provide a lighting source, like an overhead fixture, to showcase each grain.

Tell us What can you do with your firewood in the summertime? Have you ever discovered particular storage options that are both pretty and practical? Leave a comment below!


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