Fuss-Free Hong-Kong Flat

Properties having a sea view of Lamma Channel are highly coveted in the area of Pok Fu Lam, Hong Kong, which is why Clifton Leung’s clients consider themselves lucky to live in a high rise apartment there. The space has a view of the lush Queen Mary’s Hospital park from the kitchen and dining room, and a floor-to-ceiling perspective of Lamma Island and the channel from the master bedroom.

Clifton Leung Design Workshop – CLDW.com.hk

“This family is quite hassle free,” Leung says. “They have two kids and were adamant about using a livable space that had a contemporary look but retained a bit of the Orient.” Cream-colored and light beige paint swathes the walls, and traditional Chinese furniture from natural wood sits side by side with bucket chairs, modern pendant lamps and contemporary bar stools, creating a cozy but pulled-together space.

Molded plastic chairs: Pedrali Gliss Chair

Clifton Leung Design Workshop – CLDW.com.hk

A sliding-glass panel may expand the kitchen into the dining space, making a more spacious area for entertaining, and the countertop is roomy enough to also function as a bar area. The couple can only shut the sliding glass to seal off the kitchen when the cooking has started to keep another space.

Ceiling-light troughs create an illusion of a high ceiling, while troughs above the countertop provide job light for food prep. “I wanted to honor the family’s priority: making a clutter-free but nevertheless warm and cozy space,” Leung explains, “so the lighting was essential to get right.”

The Oriental table lamp out of Altfield, in the front end of the counter, brings the taste of East Asia into the otherwise contemporary design.

Clifton Leung Design Workshop – CLDW.com.hk

The cabinets in the dining room are a mixture of bespoke Oriental and reproduced pieces. The center bar cupboard, a replica of an original rosewood, was sourced from the Beijing Antiques Shop in Hong Kong. The two medium-size wardrobe cabinets flanking it are custom-made rosewood pieces from Joineur, a shop specializing in joinery furniture with a taste for high-density woods like rosewood and black ebony.

Tall pub cupboard: Beijing Antiques Shop
Pair of rosewood wardrobe cabinets: Joineur

Clifton Leung Design Workshop – CLDW.com.hk

At first glance, it’s easy to forget that two toddlers reside within this space. However, a couple of steps down the hall would be their rooms, you in lilac and the other in sky blue. A central magnetic board supplies a prominent showcase for creativity, while novels, art supplies and toys find a house on shelves. The result is orderly ambiance in a day otherwise packaged with playdates, diaper changes, and all the other chaos two toddlers may bring.

Clifton Leung Design Workshop – CLDW.com.hk

The ceiling fans from the children’s rooms serve double duty as art (in lieu of mobiles) and are an energy-saving alternative to air-conditioning. “The lovers’ blades are reversible, so if the kids are in the mood for a change, they simply need to flip the blades around,” Leung says.

Ceiling Fans Go Chic

Clifton Leung Design Workshop – CLDW.com.hk

The couple wanted an open area from the living room so that the kids would have sufficient space for setting out their toys, reading and watching television — all while staying within visible range from the kitchen and dining room.

Living Rooms You Can Live In

Clifton Leung Design Workshop – CLDW.com.hk

Though fairly streamlined, the workplace is important to the few and is a distance they use everyday as a refuge away from the youngsters. “What they love about the workplace is the floor-to-ceiling shelf space where they can continue to keep their files and many novels,” Leung says.

Clifton Leung Design Workshop – CLDW.com.hk

“The Oriental screen cabinets and carpet blend nicely with the contemporary atmosphere of the bedroom,” Leung points out. “The chaise has a wonderful vantage point near the curved floor-to-ceiling window, offering a stunning view of the sanctuary.” The couple also love the perspective of the Lamma Channel from their bedroom since their kid gets to see all of the container ships and boats sail out to sea; one of his favourite things to do is count the boats in the water.

Chaise: IKEA Ektorp Chaise
Pair of all étagères: Joineur bespoke rosewood bookcases

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