Not Your Ranch

In a universe of 5,000-square-foot suburban homes, charming bungalows and soaring loft space, my small ranch occasionally appears to pale in comparison.

I have often stared at the front of my house, wondering just how to make it look more like the lovely Colonial down the street or the way to give it a rustic, log cabin feel. Sometimes I dream about chimneys and a second story addition. Then I give up and realize that I won’t ever win trying to create my ranch style house into something it is not. Instead, I need to focus on the characteristics that produce a ranch unique and capitalize on them.

Adding unique entryways, paths and other landscape attributes can highlight the organic lines and substances of the ranch house. Now we will have a peek at a few ranch style homes which aren’t your average ranch. They’ve added features which produce the ranch sexy again.

Tom Hurt Architecture

Create play. The most crucial aspect missing from the average ranch is a tiny bit of play. In my dreams, I provide my ranch play with turrets, chimneys and grand developments. In my reality, I’m motivated by designs that inject drama into an average ranch. The wood plank wall, the contemporary portico and the plantings provide this house pizzazz, and I am simply smitten.

SBaird Design

Accentuate the base. Try accentuating the color of your front door using a similar shade in a contrasting material around the bottom of your home. This very small detail will offer your ranch a visual foundation and highlight the long, slender lines of the architectural design. You may compare this foundation line into the collar of your shirt. As your collar creates a frame for your face, the foundation line produces a frame for your home.

Susan Wallace

Susan Wallace

Replace front door. Replacing a worn or outdated front door is a fantastic investment — and at a ranch style house the effect is even greater.

front door is your lipstick of a house facade, and can make or break the look (ever seen the wrong shade of pink on a redhead?) . A splash of color, an expanse of glistening walnut or even an artistically designed display door can give your house a hot and graceful smile or a quirkily charming grin.

Bill Fry Construction – Wm. H. Fry Const. Co..

Emphasize the horizontal. Ranch style homes are very long, low and horizontal in orientation. Adding a pathway bordered by brick columns and iron fencing repeats exactly the same long, low line, but orients it towards the visitor. This balances the entire look of the house and draws your attention to the stunning front door.

Pankow Construction – Design/Remodeling – PHX, AZ

Attempt a portico. A portico is merely a little roof over the entry, braced by two columns. It is a defining feature that gives shape to the facade and serves the practical purpose of a shelter from weather in front door.

Feldman Architecture, Inc..

A portico need not be classical. It’s possible to use contemporary lines and materials to create a fresh look. While a portico is an investment, it will make a strong impact on your home’s facade.

Kathryn Shaffer Architect

Add plants. In case you don’t have older trees, then you can still utilize perennial and annual plantings to enhance your home’s curb appeal. Black-eyed Susans are a merry welcome and a fantastic contrast to the butter yellow and cornflower blue of the home.

Kikuchi + Kankel Design Group

Add architectural elements into the landscape. Accentuate plantings with big raised beds and a fitting mailbox post. Notice the way the three brick structures produce a triangle and balance the pathway; each of 3 elements working together to draw your attention into the front door.

1 Room at a Time, Inc..

How have you updated your ranch house? Can you add plantings for just a tiny elevation? Can you add a pathway, porch or portico? How did you inject drama to the facade of your ranch? Allow me to know in the Comments section.

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