Gadget Watch: What’s New for the High-Tech Home

We can all appreciate products that make everyday life at home a little more convenient — and it’s never too early to consider holiday gifts! From a slick new heater fan to a bonsai-shaped solar powered battery charger, here is a roundup of new gadgets that will have you gizmo-lusting.

Electree, Designed by Vivien Muller – EUR 299

An ideal low-maintenance plant: no watering needed, and it protects your apparatus. Designed and developed by French designer Vivien Muller, Electree is a solar powered bonsai-shaped tree with 27″leaves” you can arrange into sun-soaked perfection. Each round silicon-solar panel can be rotated to optimize sunlight — and also a USB connector, A/C outlet and unsightly wires tuck neatly away from the bottom.

Muller is looking for 400 pre-sale orders to make the Electree a fact, so if you are interested in adding this double-duty performer to your windowsill, pre-order for $299 (~$400) here.


Dyson AM04 Dyson Hotâ„¢ fan heater – $399.99

Shaped like a giant magical wand, Dyson’s aptly named Sexy is their brand new bladeless heater fan that will bring heating magic to a lot of houses this winter. Features include: exact temperature controller (between 32 and 99 degrees), a minimal surface temperature (which means it’s possible to touch or move without getting burnedoff ) , double-duty as a cooling fan, a smart thermostat which will instantly turn it off if tipped over, a swiveling base, and also a handy magnet on top to keep the remote controller in place.

Sexy employs patented Air Multiplierâ„¢ technology, where air is drawn in through the bottom and sides then forced through the”multiplier” system, while passing over 20 ceramic stone. This avoids the normal”burning smell” that frequently accompanies other space heaters which normally blow air over electrically heated coils. WIthout the conventional blades, Hot is child-friendly and attractive for those who reside in small spaces.

Sexy can be obtained for $399 in 2 colour combinations: iron/blue or white/silver. Click hereto watch a movie of James Dyson describing the product in more detail.

Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner — Mint Plus 5200 – $299.99

Robotic vacuum cleaners aren’t new to the current market, but if you are thinking about the change to a automatic floor-care appliance, then you may choose to check out the latest from Evolution Robotics: the Mint Plus Automatic Floor Cleaner.

Building on the success of the first Mint product line, Mint Plus offers an improved wet-cleaning system with a self-dispensing reservoir and a larger battery with around 3 hours of run time. Mint Plus was intended for hard-surface flooring cleaning; it automatically dusts and wet mops hard-surface flooring using popular cleaning cloths such as the Swiffer brand Dry and Wet Cloths.

Mint and Mint Plus are directed by Evolution’s own NorthStar® technology, which means that the cleaning robots are smart enough to navigate round a room, keeping tabs on which spaces have been cleaned. A useful’pause’ function allows you to alter cleaning cloths mid-cycle, and also the square design allows for easy cleaning along the edges of walls and into corners.

The Mint Plus is priced at $300; also you can pick up the previous version for $100 less.


Chef Stand + Stylus – $39.99

If you cook from recipes onto your own iPad, you could probably link to the inconvenience of trying to keep dirt, flour, or skillet off the display while checking ingredients off and following the steps.

The designers at Belkin have come out with all the Chef Stand iPad dock to help with this issue. The anti-slip, hand-washable storage rack comes with a stylus which allows you to scroll down and up and hunt for different recipes without worry of leaving smudges or food leftovers. The magnetic tip works with any touchscreen, also for just $40, it’s a reasonable addition to your kitchen.

If cooking with your iPad on your countertop isn’t something, a Fridge Mount and Kitchen Cabinet Mount will allow you to utilize your iPad on refrigerator or cupboard door.

Philips Fidelio SoundRing with AirPlay

Enjoy the pleasant sound of streaming audio with the newest Fidelio SoundRing speaker from Philips. Shaped like a doughnut, the new speaker comes equipped with Apple’s streaming technology Airplay, which means you can listen to your songs from the iPod signature, iPhone, or iPad or PC with a wireless signal. There is no word on a cost or a launch date yet, but two distinct models will be available for purchase.

When you can get your hands on it, below the hood is going to be a central bass sound pipe and four high-definition drivers — both front-firing and 2 side-firing — that will easily fill a room with sound. The DS3880W version (shown) features a 5-hour rechargeable battery and iPhone dock, while the DS3800W version utilizes the exact same speaker installation, but lacks a built-in rechargeable battery.

Total power reaches in 16 watts, and also a 5-band equalizer is on board, which can be accessed using their free downloadable Fidelio program. The program brings together radio channels and the capacity to share what you are listening to via Facebook and Twitter. And you can program songs to come on as an alarm, which makes this circular speaker all the more sweeter.


Alter Notes – GBP 7.50

Do you frequently find yourself running out of the home only to return in for something you forgot? Switch Notes, is here to save. An easy pen-to-paper solution for those who have poor memory, these neon-colored sticky notes nestle perfectly over a light switch, which means you can jot down those essential to-dos. The shape even provides a little ledge to break a pen on top so you are never going to forget to call Mom or grab your wallet and telephone because you run out the door.

Baby Monitor

If you are a busy, modern parent who would like to be able to check up on your bundle of joy on the move, Evoz, may be just the thing for you. Evoz is a brand new unlimited- sized baby tracking system which is employed over iOS, so unlike conventional baby monitors, you don’t require another receiver to utilize it.

You can simply use your personal iOS apparatus (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch) to serve as both the receiver and monitor. Available in beta for now, you can download the program in the iTunes App Store. Beta participants will get two weeks with the premium service including unlimited streaming anywhere in the world, unlimited email and texts, information collection and an exclusive look at new features. If you only have one iOS apparatus, you can buy the Evoz hardware monitor (which begins shipping Oct. 4, 2011), and then use your own device as the receiver.

Like any other modern mobile program, Evoz will proactively send texts, emails, or phone calls, to alert you if your baby is crying, and also collect data to keep track of crying and sleeping patterns — so if you’ve obtained a colicky infant, that data will readily reveal this, and you will be able to see where your child fits in with other people the exact same age.

Click here for details on pricing and package prices.

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