Types of Heating Systems for Your Home

Whether you are putting up a new building or revamping an older home, you will need to think about HVAC services. Even if your home already has a system in place, you might want to reconsider it, considering that the cost of fuel keeps changing every year. Refurbishing your system so that it can operate at maximum efficiency is advisable.

You can use different types of fuel to heat your home, based on fuel cost and where in the world you live in. Whenever you are buying any kind of appliance, you should get one that has been certified and meets local building regulations.

Electric Heating

You have multiple options when it comes to electrical systems. You can go for a furnace that heats up the whole house or a mobile heater. There are also units that can provide heat and can function as an air conditioning system. Baseboard heaters can complement your existing AC repair system or can be used to warm up cold places.

Natural Gas Heating

In some places, natural gas can be much cheaper to use than other options. It’s also safer and cleaner. When setting up your natural gas system, make sure to hire an expert to do it. You can use gas to heat hot water and cook.

Propane Gas Heating

Propane gas is mostly used when people are camping. It can be used to heat and cook. It can also be used to heat your house but it’s more expensive than natural gas. Always confirm whether the propane can be used indoors or outdoors when you are purchasing it, and make sure it’s set up by an expert. Appliances it can be used with include space heaters and fireplaces, which also look good and can blend in well with your décor.

Oil Heating Systems

Oil has been in use for a long time. It can be used to operate different kinds of appliances, ranging from big furnaces to fireplaces and space heaters. It should be installed by an expert technician.

Baseboard Heating

This is a boiler system which has a grid of radiators that are connected in different rooms of the house. The baseboard heating is set up during the initial construction of the house.

There’s another option where water is heated outside the house in a wood boiler furnace. The hot water is then piped into various rooms in the house. This requires lots of wood and lots of outdoor space, making it more popular in rural areas.

Geothermal Heating Systems

In this system, heat is generated from under the ground and used to heat up the home.

Heating with Wood

Using wood is quite a practical and cheap option to keep a room warm. You can use wood in a pellet stove, fireplace or furnace, and you need to have a good supply of wood and take good care of your stove. You should also follow local safety codes and regulations.

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