Share Your Dorm Room Must-Haves

It’s sad but true: The back-to-school commercials have came. Summer is half over. For all those off to college it’s the time to start thinking about dorm-room decor. What do you have to turn your cookie room right into a space that is truly yours? And parents, how are you helping your son or daughter start the living-away-from-home experience on the right foot? Share your ideas below!


Do you have to determine a way to organize your collection of concert posters? Tell us how you plan on decorating your research space.

Perhaps there is a strategy the style. Have you thought about making a DIY bulletin board for some extra flair?


Or perhaps you plan on tucking your desk away into any available nooks and crannies. How can you plan on making the most from your area?

The conventional faculty bunk bed is a dorm-room staple. How will you customize your shared area? Will wall stickers and coordinating duvets pull the room together?

Upload your photos under. Display and tell us exactly what you need your dorm room to look like. “Before” photos welcome, too!

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