Guest Groups: Create Your Bedside a Soothing Yet Useful Space

I can not tell you how often I have looked in a magazine, seen all the darling and stylish items gathered on a bedside table, then looked in my own and realized I needed a upgrade from my impractical lamp and also ugly clock. How about you? Let us turn our nightstands into soothing and practical places, making them places where we really want to be!
— Sasha from Lemonade Makin’ Mama

Sundance Catalog

Leather Penny Journal

I love journals and I always will. They are an excellent brain dump for your mind before bedtime. I love the cushioned leather and stamped “penny for your thoughts” quote on the cover. The very small penny pocket makes this a personal favorite.

Sundance Catalog

Gearworks Table – $395

I adore the industrial, mechanical look of the table. I am also pretty sure it would pass the “manly evaluation,” that is to say that my man would like it. That’s rather important when you’re intending to pay for the mattress in ruffled cushions.


EDLAND Nightstand – $149

I am a little bit in love with the form of the nightstand. The size of this tabletop is ideal for those who often “need” many things in an arm’s length away. I am sure there’s room enough for quite picture frames, scented candles, current reads and, clearly, my lamp and alarm clock. My favourite things (besides the price) are the knobs. They remind me of vintage faucet handles.


Sake Bottle – $6.95

This is an ideal and unexpected carafe for the nightstand. I love the crisp, dotty, white finish. This could be darling at a guest bedroom, but I likely won’t give mine up.


Sake Cup – $1.95

You can not have the pitcher with no fitting cup. Everything about this collection is dreamy, which is sort of the point.

Pottery Barn

Pocket Watch Clock – $39

I’ve got a little bit of a love affair with old clocks on bedside tables. But the majority of the time that they don’t work, or they make a poor ticking that keeps your partner up half the night before somebody eventually throws the thing out. This is the perfect compromise: a vintage look with a new style.

Pottery Barn

Red Travel Clock – $34

I absolutely adore this little clock. I may even be tempted to traveling with it. The red leather case has my heart.


JONSBO BĂ„RBY Table lamp – $59.99

Glass lamps are wonderful in locations where a soothing atmosphere is wanted, making this an ideal fit for a bedside area. I love the tall height that is just right for reading.


Williams-Sonoma Vital Oils Boxed Candle, Fleur de Sel – $19.95

Lighting a bedside candle sets the tone for a cozy night of reading. The light scent of the candle, and of course the soft and calming color, will make certain to transfer you to a place of relaxation.


Jane Austen: Seven Books – $27

What is better than a good classic on a chilly winter night? Snuggle up with Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett, and you are sure to have sweet dreams. This collection is beautiful, and the book cover is stunning. It’s sure to be a favorite on your nightstand.


Dewdrop Dish – $30

These unique small bowls are pretty, and they’d make the ideal place to drop your rings, earrings or any other small tokens you like keeping close through the night. I love the small knobby ends, and in spite of nothing in them, they give a sculptural feel to your space.


Gryfino Tray

Everything appears on a tray. Whenever you have lots of small items on a little space such as a nightstand, a tray is great way to corral everything and make some order — or at least the illusion of order. The understated gray finish and simple shape of the menu allow it to be a fantastic find for the nightstand items.

Sealife Candleholders – $18

I enjoy adding small elements of the sea into every room. These shell candle holders are pretty and yummy, plus they include a soft bit of feel into a space. While they are fantastic for your bedside in summer, they’d also make a lovely wintry white addition, inspiring one to get through those chilly months to the sunshine ahead.


Ring Dish Jewelry Holder by Darrielle’s Clay Art

I’m completely in love with this uniquely shaped dish, and I adore the small ceramic bird perching on the side. With or without your jewellery, this darling thing is a sweet statement piece.

Ballard Designs

Bellhops Bell – $39

What’s it all about phenomena which evoke old time charm, a slower pace (and yes, the impatient customer in the fabric shop’s cutting counter)? Regardless of whether you actually plan to ring this bell, it’s a sweet nod to the past. It could be a beautiful accessory, perhaps placed on a pile of favourite novels. Of course, I just need to keep my children from discovering it.


Rose Of Sharon Grand Vase – $28

I love a fresh pop of colour near my pillow, so when I open my eyes, the very first thing I see is some thing pretty each morning. I don’t even think you would want to put any flowers in this vase; it’s perfect the way it is.


Moon Daisy Frame, Dual Petals

Placing a framed photograph of those that you love near your mattress is a great way to keep them near your heart. They will be the very last thing that you see before you fall asleep and the first thing that you see when you wake up. The beige sweetness of the daisy framework will match any kind of bedside decor perfectly.


Flowering Twig Pencil – $5

Each bedroom needs some whimsy. This twig pencil, topped with a little flower, will appear terrific sitting beneath your journal. I love the neutral colour of this flower.


Q&A A Day – $16.99

With thought-provoking questions such as, “Who’d play you in a movie about your life? Is it a good movie?” You’re sure to hit the pillow thinking deep thoughts each evening. What is great about keeping this little bedside book on your nightstand is it’s sure to inspire you, make you think, perhaps review your daily life and spur you to be a better individual. Of course, don’t get too carried away believing, or you’ll never fall asleep. This book has one line every day for five years — gotta love that.


Monogrammed Mugs – $8

What would a bedside table be without a soothing cup of tea? I adore pretty much anything with a monogram, and these white and black mugs are a few of my favourite things. You might also use one for a few pens and pencils, to be ready for the nightly journal writing.


Musings Plate – $28

Some of my favourite things are phrases, lower-case type fonts, creamy white dishes and swirly patterns. All those collide in this little dish, which would be an ideal resting spot for the bedside jewellery or late-night cake after the kids are in bed. Either way, it’s a good night with this beside you.

Lamps Plus

Set of 3 Kona Seagrass Boxes with Lids – $29.91

I love secret storage. You can hide all kinds of ugly when you’ve got a box with a lid. Earphones, papers you don’t want to address, hand creams, nail files — all those little odds and ends that keep your nightstand untidy finally locate a streamlined home in those sea grass boxes.

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