Sporty Rooms Hit a Home Run

Being an avid climber, I always had trouble reconciling my love for sports and my love for interior design. Could they coexist peacefully in the home? Take 1 look at customers’ photos, and you’re going to learn it can be done and with a sense of humor. If you are a lover of biking, climbing, surfing, bowling, tennis, snowshoeing, baseball, skateboarding, soccer or golfclubs, get inspired by the photos below and exhibit your sport with pride.

Emily Elizabeth Interior Design

Adding a sports motif in your interior can be surprisingly functional. Living in an apartment often means that storage is limited. Suspending your bike from the ceiling or on a wall not only keeps it up and out of the way, but turns the bike itself into a work of art.

Bercy Chen Studio

Tired of climbing the stairs? Give your forearms a workout alternative as opposed to a climbing wall. As a climber, I am already considering how to integrate such a neat idea in my own property. A soft landing pad underneath are a wise investment also.


Surfboards are fantastic works of art. Hang yours on the wall for fast storage and automatic wall adornment.

Michael Lee Architects

If you are a bowler, incorporating your sport in your interior could acquire tough given the weight of the chunks. Go for something which involves the pins instead, like this colossal graphic bowling pin.

Rethink Design Studio

Tennis is another favorite sport of mine, so I was thrilled to see this neat racquet screen. You can use the exact same methodology to make it easy to simply grab a racquet in your way from the door.

Architects, Webber + Studio

Snowshoes have great proportions and stuff, and seem even better hung up on a wall. Give your interior a rustic and effortless appearance by hanging your valuable gear as an art installation.

Visbeen Architects

Children’s rooms are a great setting for sport gear decoration. The casually leaning baseball bats in this photo show how simple it’s to incorporate them in a room’s decoration.


Have a graphic skateboard to flaunt? Do not hide it. Rather, proudly display it for all of your guests to see as soon as they walk through the door. No need for artwork here!

Hufft Projects

Football helmets can supply plenty of material to work with. If your kid is an avid football fan, consider proudly displaying a group of helmets onto a shelf.

Brookstone Builders

Another practical method of displaying your sport passions would be to pile your golf clubs in a basket near your entry door. (Bonus: This place is practical should you need them for self help.)

Inform us How do you integrate your favorite sport in your design? Have you discovered certain sports to be particularly convenient to be displayed?

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