If This Bloom Were a Room

Here in California the trees are going crazy. The magnolias have exploded along with the flowering fruits are beginning to bust out too. A stroll in the park is almost too beautiful to bear.

But shortly they’ll all be gone. Pink flowers. Rain of petals.
But wait! It does not need to be this way! These natural beauties may direct the way to colors, shapes, textures and mixes that will make it feel like spring all year long.

Becky Cunningham Home

Quite shabby chic, A pitcher of branches. How can you turn it into a room?

This wall mural is a very literal interpretation of the blossom. Why not have a piece of spring growing your wall all year?

Dreamy Whites

Something about the simple, natural magnificence of blossom-covered branches calls outside for unfussy vases like jars, cups and pitchers.

Design Shop Interiors

Even an official room may follow nature’s lead. Combining different tones of pink — from the palest petal into the hottest fuchsia — is a technique she’s already perfected.

Olga Adler

A mixture of vibrant, bold pinks is almost always a fantastic thing.

Kerrie L. Kelly

Don’t be afraid of the very bright stuff. Magenta, soft pink and even red are cheerful and daring together — even in a room.

The actual thing. A tree full blossom needs no exceptional backdrop.

Nina Jizhar

The pattern with this bedspread captures a number of the gorgeous chaos of a shrub in full blossom. It is about texture as much as color.

A rhododendron in bloom may be the jump off point for the ideal room.

Eileen Kathryn Boyd Interiors

Green and magenta is a cue taken straight from the prior garden. This otherwise stately room bursting with color from the outside feels really alive.

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