Issues with Trane XR80 Furnaces

Trane makes electric and gas furnaces in addition to air-conditioning equipment for central heating, vent and air-conditioning systems in the house. The Trane XR80, a single-stage gas furnace, is controlled by a thermostat and attached to HVAC ducting at your home. You must have a minumum of one cold-air return to the furnace or ducting which contains a filter and recirculates the home’s air back through it for heating. Like all house HVAC systems, you’ll run into issues or issues with your furnace which it is possible to troubleshoot and sometimes fix yourself before needing to call a technician.

Failure to Operate

One of the most common issues which occur on a Trane XR80 gas furnace is its inability to function. When this happens, the thermostat screen may read as busy, but turning the heater on does nothing. Trane’s gas furnaces are equipped when a washing unit attached to the blower door of the furnace. If this unit is not thoroughly participated — the door is not all the way close — the gas furnace will fail to function. Open and shut the door before the little flashing red light comes back on to indicate a sealed connection.

No Power to Thermostat

When the display screen of this thermostat is clean or the unit does not have any power to it, then double check the circuit breaker. Under modern construction codes, a furnace has to be on its own circuit. Gas furnaces use gas to heat the house but power to power the fan and the thermostat and to turn the ignitors on to light the gasoline. Check the circuit breaker by first flipping it away — as tripped circuit breakers might not appear tripped by visual inspection — and turning it back on. Call a technician in case this doesn’t fix the problem and the blower door is totally engaged.

Insufficient Heating or Air Flow

All gardeners need at least a once-a-year inspection or maintenance to ensure adequate operation when you want it most. Part of the process involves removing, cleaning or replacing the air filters inside the cold air return. The cold air return might be a display on the wall at your house or the filters might be just inside the blower part of this furnace. Eliminate the screens and replace or clean them. Permanent, plastic-type filter screens may be washed, while the paper-framed ones require replacement. Check filters at least every 90 days while the furnace is being used.

No Heating

Verify the gas valve is switched on, as without the gasoline, the furnace wo not generate heat. If the igniter fails to light the burners inside the furnace, it won’t produce any heat in any way. Depending on your skill level, you might be able to replace the ignitor yourself, however, replace it in case you’ve got expertise, otherwise have a professional manage the repair. Igniters have a limited existence, particularly in furnaces that are used regularly. You can expect to replace them at least once every three to five years depending on whether you live in a dry climate, sooner in cold temperatures.

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