The Best Place to Put Shelves in a Bedroom

The worst location to install shelves in the bedroom is directly over the bed, where things can fall through earthquakes or rambunctious bed action. Rather, place shelves to either side of the bed or elsewhere at the space where they produce visual appeal and give a location for decorative items or required storage.

Above a Dresser

When you are short on storage or dresser area, but have room for a dresser, add shelves into the wall above the dresser. To store personal things, arrange small baskets the width of the shelf across its span. Baskets lined with coloured cotton or linen complement the room’s decor, while protecting the inside of the baskets or the things in them.

Above Nightstands

Stack colored brief shelves over a dresser to store books, art objects or other products. You may also install a series of cubbies in numerous colors, provided that they pull out from the colors used in the room’s decor palette. If broad shelves appear out of balance, opt for shelves that are 6 inches in depth for a minimized appeal. Make them provided that the nightstand is broad for balanced visual appeal.

Wall Adjacent to the Bed

A wall with ample distance between the bed and the wall presents an opportunity for storage. If you are a reader, it is an perfect place to store your favourite books arranged alphabetically by author, title or from the book’s colour ,for an interesting decor look. To store books from falling over at the conclusion of the shelves, add heavy weighted bookends secured into the shelves using a dab of earthquake or museum wax beneath. Free corners in the space also present opportunities for inserting a freestanding shelving unit.

Freestanding Shelves

A freestanding unit that includes shelves can go almost anywhere in the bedroom as long as you have wall space for this. To keep it from falling over during an earthquake, attach protected hooks into the back of the shelving material or bookcase on either side and then run a cable between them. Insert a molly bolt into the wall or a screw secured to the fireplace to that to secure the cable. You may also purchase hold-downs designed for earthquake state to store these and other things from toppling over.

Secure into the Wall Safely

Regardless of whether you add cubbies into the wall, then a wrapped shelf of many layers or individual shelves, to make certain they remain on the wall, then mount them securely. Mount shelves by securing them to studs with screws long enough to pass through the drywall and embed into the studs at least an inch. If securing into the studs does not function, add molly bolts into the wall attached into the weight of their shelves and things on it. The last thing you need to occur is to get the shelves to fall from the walls because of too much weight or through an earthquake. Safe ornamental items to the shelves to stop them from dropping when bumped by putting a dab of earthquake wax on the base of their products.

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