Northwood Tree Care

Northwood red maple (Acer rubrum “Northwood”) is a mid sized member of the maple family, achieving a peak of approximately 50-feet and probably residing up to 150 years. Northwood trees are famous because of their branches and amazing red- fall colours. They’ve a rounded to oval form, and make shade trees that are perfect for lawns and backyards.

Climate and Problems

Though they develop nicely in a warm climate, Northwood maples are very cold-hardy, making them suitable to developing in lots of areas that are different. They prosper in the Environment Zones 1 to 9 and 14 to 17 of Sunset, and show the best fall color in locations that are cooler. Northwood maples can tolerate soils ranging from acidic to alkaline, and with textures.

Planting Area

Northwood maples really should not be be planted in a place that was dry. They’re drought-tolerant once established, but prefer moist. They will produce an important width, therefore pick an area where they’ve space to increase, and prefer full sunlight to partial shade. When the roots develop plant Northwood trees to prevent possible injury.


Once proven, Northwood maples are low-maintenance. This isn’t essential for for adult trees, although they need to be watered as required to keep them healthy when young. Fertilizing is not required, although including mulch across the foot of the trunk can help hold in moisture, control temperature and add nutrients. In the event that you want to to manage form and size, though it is possible to prune wholesome adult trees Northwood trees need not be pruned.

Pests and Diseases

Northwood maples have few pest issues and are resistant to the majority of diseases. They might sporadically be vulnerable to aphids, but substantial injury is seldom caused by these bugs. Generally, normal predators keep populations under control. In case your trees produce a significant infestation, handle them with neem oil, soap, or pesticides.

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