The best way to Install Flush-Mounted Kitchen Sinks

Homes have a broad selection of drain kinds, including double and single basins. Mounting types include flush- under mount mount and above-counter installations. A sink that’s flush-mounted will have its best rim equivalent high to the counter that is around. Installing this sink design will will need a robust help body when it’s full of water and dishes underneath must be sink may be very large.

Width and measure the length of the cupboard below the sink cutout using a measuring tape. This body should match the the size of the sink, that’ll sit on the body. Ensure the width dimension doesn’t contain the cold and warm water-supply pipes close to the rear of the cupboard; measure the width before the pipes to around 1-inch. Subtract twice the thickness of the wood to be installed for the body in the length value.

Measure the the size of the cupboard across four-two-by-four lengths. Mark the the scale using a pencil on the wood.

Cut the wood lengths in the points using a power saw. Wear eye protection to prevent problems for the eyes.

Place the wood lengths. Arrange the lengths so they mimic the same form as the cupboard room. Nail the wood lengths in this orientation with nails. Use two nails for every corner for balance.

Place the wood configuration to the cupboard and hold it constant.

Ask a buddy to support the and to to slip the sink in to the cutout from above. Adjust the peak before the friend confirms that the best rim of the sink is flush with all the countertop of the wood configuration.

Mark the place that is proper after which nail the wood configuration to the partitions with a hammer along with nails of the cabinet.

Pull out the sink of the cut-out and spot it a-side.

Apply a line of sealant throughout the whole best of the assistance body.

Apply sealant to the aspect of the sink rims where the countertop will be met by it. Any facet that arrives in touch together with the countertop will require aline of sealant; water might drip down between the sink and countertop with no generous a-Mount of sealant.

Slide the sink in to the cutout. Press it contrary to the help body. Inspect the rims of the sink together with the countertop for alignment. Carefully wipe up excessive sealant that oozes outward having a clear rag.

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