The best way to Install Siding on Dormers

You had light in a upstairs area and a dormer created to offer extra room. Now comes the real problem: putting siding onto it. You can use another type of materials, particularly in the event that you plan to paint or complete it as an accent function on on the top, although you want to coincide with the siding on the home. There is a selection of components: vinyl siding, shingles or shakes or wood planks. There are a few basics for just about any dormer siding, although installation techniques differ together with the material.

Prepare the Partitions

Cover the dormer walls with rigid foam board insulation, nailed to wall studs 8-inch head- shingle nails that are galvanized. Cut foam panels using a utility knife to comply with the partitions; it’ll consider several cuts to trim 4-by-8 foot sheets to to match along side and under windows and sloping sides the up Drive nails using the heads flush from the side of the foam.

Wrap the dormer using a polyethylene vapor barrier. Staple it and seal edges and all seams with tape in the wrap manufacturer. Fold the wrap round the window opening sides that are rough and tape it in place.

Install metal flashing around a window, on the base of the front dormer wall or over either side. Cut flashing to match tin snips. Bent steel strips around windows and in the base of the wall and action flashing up the sides, one aspect of the aspect that is flashing on on the top, the other up the wall or window. Install action flashing in combination nail a strip of flashing in the wall of the dormer, protect it using a shingle, nail flashing that shingle, a shingle over. Alternate flashing shingles up the sidewall to the very best of the dormer and strips.

Wood Siding

Put molding on the corners and about the window for both planks, wood siding or shakes or shingles. Measure the peak from residence roof on the corner to dormer cut and roof boards to match, broadly speaking 1-by-3 inch and by – 1 -4 inch widths, with a miter saw. Paint the backs of the boards and cut edges using a primer that is great or coat them having a water-proofing sealer.

Fasten a-1-by-3 inch corner board on the galvanized nails, utilizing an exterior of the wall corner with 8d level to set it Space nails 8 to one foot aside and sides s O equally edges of the board are nailed to the wall studs. Nail A1-by-4 inch board-up the front dormer wall, extending -3 s O that both corners can have a-4-inch encounter.

Trim a window with 1-by-4 boards on all edges. Make possibly corners, with all four corners joined a T 4-5-degree angles, or type, having a board on the other side of boards on the sides and bottom of the window and the best to to match flush contrary to the framing.

Lay shingles or wood siding planks commencing in the underside. Cut planks to to suit with a dining table or miter observed and fasten them to wall studs with galvanized nails; use nailing approach advised by the siding maker, as some wood siding is going to be nailed in the leading and other will soon be nailed in the underside of every plank.

Cut shingles to to suit the window across having round noticed or a miter noticed or planks. Measure height and the width for window cuts watchfully and reduce notches in planks to to match around and beneath the base of the window. Make sure that the siding panel matches tightly underneath the window trim.

Snap alevel chalkline using a-line le Vel to the roof in regards to the peak of the plank or shingle row from your dormer wall. Measure with that line to the roof-line a foot from your wall to find out the angle of slope on on the top in order to cut shingle or plank ends to comply with the roof pitch. Lay shingles or facet planks beginning in the bottom and working toward the roof and dormer connection. Fasten both shingles or planks with nails to studs, after the nailing routine advised by the substance provider.


Corner posts on the two dormer corners, utility trim a-T the tops and beneath the windowsill of J and the three partitions -channel across the window and across the slope where along side it partitions satisfy the roof. Nail each one of these pieces with shingle nails pushed to the guts of slots using a hammer. Leave A1/4 inch gap on each end-of every strip and push nails 16-inch gap beneath the heads to enable enlargement movement.

Fasten metal strip of the three partitions at the end. Therefore it’s about 1/4 inch brief between vinyl securing strips, cut this and nail it in the heart of the nailing. Use an even setting the strip le Vel.

Cut vinyl panels with tin snips to to match the wall bottoms along. Measure width using a tape measure and use a framing square to attract the angle for the roof end-of aspect panels; make a template of card-board for this angle to generate trimming mo Re exact and easier. Trim the wall bottom panel to really go involving the two corner posts with about 1/4 inch gap.

Snap the panel on every side in to invest the strip and secure it with nails starter or 10 inches aside in the facilities of the slots. Leave about 1/4-inch on the conclusion of every panel for slide and growth the panel ends to the J- corner post and channel. Use an even to ensure each panel is before nailing le Vel. Snap succeeding panels to the very top of the panel in the bottom.

Work all sides of the dormer to the roof line up. Measure the width for the panel in the panel to the utility reduce a panel and trim a-T the leading length-wise to to match. Punch lugs into the top of the panel with a Snaplock punch, keeping the lugs on the outside of the panel. Snap the bottom in to spot, then push the leading that is lugged to the utility.

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