The best way to Replace a Center Inter-Locking Ceiling Tile

Unlike fall- ceiling tiles that match a body that was suspended tiles are attached to the ceiling with adhesive, staples, nails or a mixture of the three. Decide the age of the ceiling, before changing a tile. Tiles that have been installed prior to 1980 may include harmful asbestos, which needs fix and specialist abatement. Should you be certain the tiles don’t include asbestos, a center interlocking tile can be repaired by you in moments.

Put on eye safety and a respirator or dirt mask.

Cut through the broken tile around 1-inch on all sides in the seam.

Pry the cut middle portion of of tile using a putty knife out.

Cut and grab the the rest of the tile in parts that are little, using care to not disturb the tiles.

Cut off all but one of tongues or the edges on a new interlocking tile. Generally, you’ll find two edges that are lipped, therefore cut one off.

Apply construction adhesive to the rear of the ceiling tile in lengthy, zig-zagging lines.

Push the inter-locking edge of the alternative tile to the groove of one.

Press the tile from the ceiling and maintain it for a moment. Construction adhesive typically sets extremely quickly.

Drive one nail through all the four sides of the tile. Add nails, if required, to support the the tile from the ceiling.

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