The best way to Replace a Versatile Aluminum Dryer Hose

Clothes dryers vent their heat via a versatile aluminum dryer hose, usually to the the outside of your house. As time passes, this hose become crushed, limiting airflow or can clog with lint. Replacing a versatile aluminum dryer hose is a job you’ll be able to do yourself. Properly changed, a dryer hose can enhance the power performance of your dryer, keep costs down and remove the chance of fire caused by a broken or dirty hose.

Turn off the electric power in the breaker of the dryer, or eliminate the fuse attached to to the dryer circuit. To get a gas dryer, turn off by closing the valve, the gas supply.

Move the dryer to the flange from the wall for easy accessibility.

Loosen the screws holding the hose clamps and eliminate the current flexible hose from the the outside vent as well as the dryer. Remove the tape by reducing it using a utility knife if taped. Don’t yank it off or you could damage the dryer flange.

Slide one end of the versatile hose on the dryer flange. Place a clamp over the hose and tighten it to the flange. Some dryer hose clamps have a launch and pinch function as you launch the clamp and tighten immediately. Others need you tighten a screw and to squeeze or pull. Don’t insert screws to the dryer flange as well as the hose. The screws can catch lint, making a fire risk.

Wrap foil duct-tape across the conclusion of the hose that is flexible where it connects to the flange. This helps to ensure that you simply have an air tight seal.

Bend the hose to make it to the the outside dryer vent and spot the end on the pipe to ensure that it overlaps by 2″. Take off any excessive pipe before completely securing.

Clamp where it overlaps the exterior pipe and secure the end-of the hose. Again, don’t insert screws to the pipe or the hose.

Where it joins the pipe to ensure an air tight link the conclusion of the hose with foil duct tape.

Move the dryer straight back back to location, being cautious perhaps not to pinch or kink the hose that is versatile.

Restore energy, turnon the dryer and guarantee the connections are limited.

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