Frequent in classical design, a pediment is the triangular face and gabled roof of a structure. Greek structure used the pediment as a decorative detail. The triangular faces of buildings like the Parthenon had intricate rock carvings of mythical scenes and characters. Pediments can also be found on entrances, cornices, and decoration on furniture of any style.

NB Design Group

The entry of this home has a pediment supported by tapered columns.

Stephen Fuller Designs

Trim can mimic a pediment on the inside of an entry as well.

Kipnis Architecture + Planning

This modern pediment has a metallic facade.

Eric Watson Architect, P.A.

Both narrative pediment of this entrance and balcony is a modern take on a really classic facade.

Toni Sabatino

The decorative components on such windows are known as “broken pediments,” since they don’t meet in the center.


Fluted columns, dentil molding and elaborate wrought wood carvings decorate this inner pediment.

Eric Watson Architect, P.A.

This beach pavilion looks like a Greek temple, with pediments at both ends.

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