Plant Treatment of a Schefflera

Add some colour to your own home or patio using a shiny schefflera. Schefflera (Schefflera arboricola), also also referred to as dwarf umbrella tree, is a big house plant developed mainly for its normally rounded form and its own attractive foliage. It is ideal as a landscape plant in Sunset’s Environment Zones 2 3, 2 4, H-1 and H2 and might also do nicely as an outside shrub in hotter climates.

Plant Features

The schefflera plant is indigenous to tropical areas of Taiwan. A fast growing plant, It has several long and reaches a peak of 8 to 15 feet along with a width of 6 to 12-feet at maturity stems supporting its shiny leaves that are green. The leaves are complicated and distinctive, as they’re shaped just like a hand some times called palmate, with more or seven leaflets due to a central level. Grown mainly for the foliage, mature tiny flower clusters are also developed by schefflera crops, ultimately creating cascading teams of maroon.


Schefflera prefers a warm atmosphere related to the native habitat. When positioned in partial sunlight to partial shade, the plant does best. When developed as an indoor plant, schefflera prefers in direct light, with no exposure to direct sunlight. Raise the moisture level in the vicinity of the plant by putting it in a pebble-filled dish of water, replenishing the water-supply occasionally.


Schefflera does nicely in just about any type of well-drained soil and needs watering only once the upper few inches of soil is dry to the touch. The plant needs only occasional feeding using a balanced fertilizer, used both as a foliar spray or as a formulation that is granular blended in to its soil. Use of a natural merchandise like fish emulsion will provide micro-nutrients not identified in fertilizers, supporting create a particularly lush, healthy plant to the plant. Although schefflera grows normally as a rounded, well formed plant, you would possibly control the dimension of your plant by by eliminating older stems periodically, slicing again the plant from out-growing its area, to keep it.


Schefflera is broadly speaking an ailment-resistant plant, even though leaf b Light can happen periodically, leading to reduction of some foliage and blackening of leaves. Removing afflicted stems and leaves is typically sufficient to quit development of the dis-ease. Schefflera crops may be also affected by insects such as fungus gnats and mites, aphids, mealybugs, with reduction of leaves if infestation is extreme. Treat your plant with a plant insecticide designated for all these pests or with insecticidal soap. You may use an insecticide that is granular, mixing it in the soil across the roots of the plant.

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