The best way to Prune a Pink Pandorea Jasminoides Rosea Plant

The Pandorea jasminoides rosea, generally called the bower vine that is pink, is an evergreen climbing vine indigenous to Australia. It favors areas including the Environment Zones 16 to 24 of Sunset, but wants protection. It’s developed because of its lush, fine-textured green foliage with 3 inch-long compound leaves. In summer, this vine creates 2 inch- broad trumpet flowers accented with magenta facilities. It trellis to climb on and at yearly pruning or wants a powerful archway.

Prune a bower vine that is pink yearly in the first spring. Prune in mid-summer if required from invading other areas of the backyard to keep vines. By wiping them down the pruning shears. Select the weak, dead or rampant vines to be pruned, and untangle them in the trellis. Remove fastenings or any ties attaching the vines that are chosen .

Snip off the weak, dead or rampant vines using the pruning shears. Make the cuts ½ inch above a bud that is healthy. Don’t reduce primary stems all of the way back to the bottom or prune a way more than a third of the plant in every pruning session.

Remove pruning particles using a rake and discard or compost the trimmings. Fertilize subsequent to the spring pruning with a general-purpose garden fertilizer and water-well to soak the fertilizer to the roots. Keep soil moist but not soaking wet. Through the blooming period, snip off dying and dead blossoms.

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