The best way to Prune Okra Crops for Bush-Type Production

When left to develop normally, okra (Abelmoschus esculentus) towers above its backyard companions, often crowding out required sunlight. Growers prune okra right into a form that is bush –an approach that encourages a greater harvest. Okra grows in any of the Environment Zones of Sunset; it wants 60-days of average temperatures. This quick-grower creates flowers that are white, fluted, related to the hibiscus. Harvest the post-flower pods and appreciate this Cajun delicacy in your preferred dishes that are southern. You use it pot-pourri also and can dry okra.

Put to protect your skin from your leaves of the okra. Wear a long-sleeved shirt also for those who have allergy sensitivities to crops.

While they’re seedlings stake the okra plants. This this allows help for bush-type development. It obviously vines round the stake, as the okra grows. Position the stake supporting the seedling, about 2″ away.

Choose a stem to be the primary trunk of the plant. Tie this stem to the stake. This guides the plant making it stronger. Leave three or two other stems to increase as the branches of the plant.

Prune the plant again every day or two, eliminating vine off-shoots with pruning shears. Snip the offshoots flush to the branch. Sides of the okra right into a bush and the top form once.

When they achieve the required length harvest pods. Pod creation is triggered by cutting pods off. Be gentle when eliminating pods. Snatching or tugging pods off can harm your plant.

Fertilize the okra plant having 10 10 10 two months to increase bushing.

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