The best way to Run a Pellet Stove

Stoves provide an energy efficient, eco friendly alternative to keep your house warm. The pellets are manufactured from left-over wood components including shavings and sawdust, which minimizes waste from furniture and processing lumber. The pellets leave little residue and emit small smoke.


Fill the stove hopper and shut the lid.

For those who have a computerized stove start the stove by pressing a button. To start the fireplace, use a solid or gel materials that is starter and light them. Monitor the flame grows correctly and catches. Refer to your own stove guide for the starter supplies that are authorized. Don’t use fluid starters.

Adjust the heat output and blower to discover a comfortable temperature for the room. The hopper may be refilled while the stove is in use, once it’s been refilled, but the lid should be closed. In the event the fire is out while refilling, press the “Start” button or re-ignite the pellets to re-start the stove.


Clean the method of your stove around once a week. Turn the stove off and permit it to cool. The ash-pan by dumping it in the garbage and by eliminating it. Vacuum any ash in the system.

Clean the chimney program of your stove every 10 to 12 months. Scrape the ash in the chimney system with the brush. This can keep your stove heating correctly.

The stove that is clean completely using a vacuum attachment using a wire brush, usually in the conclusion of the period. In the beginning of the winter period, examine the chimney program carefully before using the stove to ensure there aren’t any blockages, including bird’s nests.

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