Cherry Blossoms Spring to 100

The cherry blossoms that ring that the tidal basin in Washington, D.C., are among the greatest floral attractions in the United States. The first trees were awarded to the United States by Japan in 1912, and cherry flowers are now a symbol of spring’s arrival in our country’s capital. This year will mark the centennial celebration of The Cherry Blossom Festival.

While lots of varieties of those flowering trees grace outdoor arenas, they have become popular inside as well. Whether you force branches to enjoy the blossoms a couple weeks early or pick a wallpaper to enjoy throughout the year, the cherry tree hasn’t been more alluring. See how people are using these lovely plants inside and out.

Johnsen Pools & Landscapes

Johnsen Landscapes and Pools has created a stunning spring landscape using cherry trees. Even after the blooms have gone, the trees have lovely silhouettes, leaves and bark to enjoy.

Here are the cherry trees in all their glory at Washington, D.C.. If you would like to catch them looking like this in 2012, experts forecast that the last week of March will be the best time to see them.

Nearly All the cherry trees in D.C. are Yoshino.

It’s easy to see why the world is drawn to the beautiful branch structure and blossoms of the cherry tree.

Photo by Chad Nelson

Dreamy Whites

In case the cherry branches aren’t blooming fast enough for you, it is possible to force them to bloom:
• Find a branch or two with big, fat flower buds on it.
• Create a fresh cut with your own clippers. Add a slit a few inches long to the bottom of every branch.
• Add some flower food to a bucket of lukewarm water and place the branches in it. Clip off some twigs which are submerged in the water.
• Maintain the bucket inside in a heated room (roughly 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit).
• Be patient and modify the bucket water every few days; it will probably require at least one week until you visit blossoms.

Leland Interiors, LLC

If you would like something more lasting inside, there are a whole lot of alternatives. Within the last few years all types of cherry tree graphics have made their way inside the house on art prints, backgrounds, duvet covers as well as wall decals. White Ming cherry blossoms on an aqua background include an elegant yet relaxing feel to this bathroom.

Wallpaper: Schumacher

Designer Glass Mosaics

This unbelievable installment by Designer Glass Mosiacs was created by melting intricate glass petals onto the background glass tiles in a kiln. The final design was then installed on the wall.

Vendome Press

A weeping cherry is a exceptional tree which makes a powerful impact planted outdoors or left on a wall. The weeping cherry trees available in U.S. nurseries generally differ a bit from this one; they’re composed of a weeping cherry top hammered onto a distinct tree’s straight back.

The pink blossoms of a cherry tree are a popular choice for nurseries. It’s possible to hire a muralist to paint one on the wall for you or go more temporary; there are a ton of cherry blossom wall decals out there.


A painting of a cherry blossom branch increases the serenity of this bedroom.

Vanessa De Vargas

Cherry branches painted on a blue background have a quintessentially chinoiserie feel.

Cherry Blossom Pink Romances Rooms

Thinking Spring: Blossoming Branches

Magnolia Magic Breezes Into the Home

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