Kitchen Storage Functions on a Roll

When it comes to kitchens large or small, there are instances when we could all use more room to operate, move, store — you name it. Creative solutions to handling our various kitchen needs are crucial to keeping a sense of order. Rolling elements might be the answer, especially if you want to the flexibility of wheeling your kitchen components to other areas of your workspace and even dining room for the ultimate in clever kitchen functionality.

Mascheroni Construction

It seems so easy, but so few of us think of it : create 1 base cabinet a rolling element, with an integrated chopping-block top for at-your-service entry. This is a superb idea for smaller kitchens and large alike. If you do not like the expression of casters, possess your cabinetmaker hide the wheels using a plinth for a completely inconspicuous solution.

Witt Construction

If you do not mind seeing casters, then by all means, then flaunt. This design showcases the exact same idea but celebrates the notion of moving components and makes the rolling unit feel a little unique.

Turan Designs, Inc..

A cell island is certainly nothing new, but integrating it with the rest of the kitchen’s appearance and making it appear more sturdy and permanent is definitely a notable design decision. I love this island on wheels is adorned with all the same paneling and marble top as the fixed cabinets.


There’s nothing wrong with wheeling in an island with just a little contrast, however. This one is sort of a happy medium. Although it isn’t an specific match to the stationary cabinets, it repeats the substances used in the remainder of the kitchen, which makes it a well-integrated addition. The supplementary work surface is further utilized by adding counter stools for additional seating.

To get a party, roll out the island to where the activity is and also make it the bar with extra seats to keep guests out of gathering in the kitchen.

Bunker Workshop

Make obtaining things in hard-to-reach places infinitely easier with a rolling ladder.


And for a small Ikea love. This design (and so many others) is achievable using components you probably already have or have easy access to. But the cart gives the space additional flexibility: it can function as auxiliary storage, a work surface, a cell bar — you name it.

Echelon Custom Homes

I love this farmhouse-style rolling staircase, which looks like a well-loved and well-worn part of furniture. The rusticated red legs (an easyish DIY job) work beautifully with the amazing stove along with the checkerboard-pattern backsplash. I especially like the contrast created by the vintage-looking rugs.

Cynthia Mason Interiors

A little styling art can turn the most mundane of moving containers into a chic mobile bar. This cart would be a simple addition to almost any kitchen installation, but if yours is outfitted in white with stainless steel appliances, then it would be an especially seamless fit. If space is limited but you want to entertain, keep some posh folding seats available and bust them out for impromptu dinner parties around the rolling bar.

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